$15 Million For Twitter, Lets Hope They Use It For Scaling

Twitter has closed a $15 million round on a $80 million valuation according to GigaOm.

Rumors of Twitter’s attempts to raise a new round have been circulating for months, and depending on which version you heard it was delayed as companies were falling over themselves to invest (spin) or because Twitter was being greedy and trying to get money on a $200 million valuation and no one wanted to play (more likely).

There was another site that noted recently (I can’t remember where) that the whinge around Twitter’s complete fail in scaling meant nothing because the people complaining wouldn’t leave the service anyway, and that’s probably not a bad call, But still, here’s hoping that the $15 million is spent primarily on one thing: scaling the service and keeping it up. Twitter wants to be a utility player as the microblogging platform of choice, most utility companies offer uptime guarantees, it’s not too much to ask.

The new round takes Twitter’s funding to around $20 million.