'Big Brother 20' Technical Glitch Puts Private Conversation In HOH Room On Blast

Big Brother's high-tech milestone season is turning into the glitchiest one yet. A glitch in the CBS summertime house resulted in a live broadcast of a private conversation held in the Head of Household bedroom, according to the spoiler site Big Brother Network.

Brett Robinson was venting to HOH Angela Rummans, Tyler Crispen, and JC Mounduix about fellow housemate Sam Bledsoe when the audio and visual systems in the house experienced a glitch and played the conversation over the house's intercom system while displaying the live video of the HOH room. The conversation centered on Robinson complaining about his misunderstanding with Bledsoe over her dirty laundry. It was later confirmed that Bledsoe heard the entire conversation.

Live feed watchers saw Bledsoe and Robinson discussing doing their small loads of laundry together before the backyard lockout. Robinson ultimately skipped loading the clothes into the washing machine because the laundry line was too long. Bledsoe later found the unwashed pile of clothes back inside and confronted him and asked if she was not good enough to share his laundry machine with. Robinson was caught complaining in the HOH room about the incident with Bledsoe. You can see the intercom in the HOH room spontaneously turn on as Brett Robinson speaks in the quick clip below.

Big Brother contestant Kaycee Clark reportedly alerted the contestants in the HOH room that their conversations could be heard. Robinson was reportedly worried that Bledsoe would hate him after hearing that discussion and he later did damage control by explaining to her that his rant was due to him being "cranky." The two seemed to be on good terms after they hashed things out, but some of the other Big Brother houseguests reportedly wondered if the leaked audio was some sort of twist in the game.

Brett Robinson got off easy. It would have much worse had Bledsoe and the rest of the house heard him talking about his Level Six alliance which he has had since early in the Big Brother game with Rummans, Crispen, Clark, and now-evicted houseguests Winston Hines and Rachel Swindler. Of course, it's unclear what else Sam Bledsoe heard the group talking about and how soon Kaycee Clark rushed into the HOH room to warn the group.

Earlier this month, the Big Brother systems nearly foiled a secret Power App twist when a small icon of a cloud appeared sideways on the small screens in the house. Tyler Crispen, who has held that power for weeks, played dumb as the other houseguests tried to figure out what the mystery icon had to do with the game.

Big Brother Season 20 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.