'Bold And The Beautiful' Recap Tuesday August 28: Bill Vows To Fight For Will, Steffy & Liam Bond With Kelly

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Tuesday, August 28, featured Liam (Scott Clifton) and Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) bonding with baby Kelly (Gabriel Sporman). Steffy told Liam that he was more than welcome to spend plenty of time with his daughter. Hope (Annika Noelle) arrived at Steffy's and said that she had been trying to get a hold of Liam. Liam then remembered that he had put his phone on "do not disturb." Hope was worried that he would miss their appointment with the doctor.

Steffy dished out some motherly advice to Hope and told her that when the baby comes, people will be advising her on what to do. She said that only the parents know what is best for their baby. According to She Knows Soaps, they admired Kelly, and Steffy said that they were doing better for their children. Hope left for the ultrasound appointment and Liam remarked to Steffy that he hoped that his wife speaking up wasn't too awkward. Steffy was still determined that their children wouldn't have to endure what they had to with their mothers. Liam said that he was proud of her.

Bill (Don Diamont) and Thorne (Ingo Rademacher) were still debating Will's custody. Bill felt that Thorne should stay out of his and Katie's business. He began to shout and Katie warned him about being so loud. However, it was too late and Will (Finnegan George) appeared, wanting to know what the commotion was about.

Bill told Will that he's not angry and explained why he missed their visit. Will was sad and told his father that he never sees him anymore, wondering if he did anything wrong. Bill said that it was his fault and that he wanted to change that. He invited Will to stay the night, but Will preferred to stay at his mother's house. When Bill suggested that he could bring him back after dinner, Will was also hesitant, according to Bold and the Beautiful recaps. Thorne used the fact that Will seemed hesitant to go with his father and said that he didn't want to go out for burgers.
When Will went back upstairs, Bill was furious, because he believed that Katie only wanted Will to spend time with him when she wanted a rendezvous with Thorne. Katie reminded him that Will was stressed, while Thorne also defended his girlfriend by saying that she was only doing what was in Will's best interest. Katie asked Thorne to leave before she reminded Bill of all the times she begged him to be a father to Will. Bill said that sole custody wasn't a good solution for anybody and that he would fight harder for Will than he has fought for anything in his life.