Iskra Lawrence Sizzles In Tiny Neon Orange Bikini As She Encourages People To Believe In Themselves

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Iskra Lawrence’s new Instagram pic has her fans talking, not just about how great she looks, but also about how she’s inspired them. The model is shown hanging out in the Hamptons wearing a tiny, neon orange bikini with a sporty cut. The top is super low-cut, and the bottom was cut so high that it was hugging her waist. She wears some black sandals that said “SELF” and “MADE.” Iskra leans against a tree on a patio outside, as she looks to her left and smiles. She wears her hair down, and has a necklace on with a small pendant.

In the captions, Iskra described why she’s “self made,” and described the struggles she overcame as she pursued her dream of becoming a model. First, she was told that she was too curvy, and then she was told that she wasn’t big enough to be considered a plus-size model. She opened up about her eating disorder, and how she moved to New York on her own. These words were inspirational to many of her fans, as she promoted the Self Made brand and asked people what makes them “Self Made.”

“Just because you get hundreds of no’s or people who don’t believe in you – never stop believing in yourself…. Use even the negative energy to fuel your drive and passion…. Use even the negative energy to fuel your drive and passion.”

Fans loved the photo, as people let her know that she’s “absolutely beautiful” and others praised her for her “wonderful vibes.” Other fans opened up about the struggles they’ve overcome to achieve their dreams, while others thanked her for being an inspiration.

I’m self made because even when I was dropped for being to curvy and also told I was too small to be a plus-size model I didn’t take no for an answer then spent the last 14 years getting to where I am now - surviving my Eating Disorder and challenging the need to retouch, moving to NY on my own with some money I’d saved up and creating the life I dreamt of on my own. Just because you get hundreds of no’s or people who don’t believe in you - never stop believing in yourself. Even if your family aren’t rich, connected or famous - doesn’t mean you can’t make it, you just have to hustle even harder. Even if people laugh in your face, if you believe you can do it, chase your dreams. The harder it is to get there the more rewarding it will be. Use even the negative energy to fuel your drive and passion. Celebrate the small victories and learn lessons from your mistakes and failures. Self made doesn’t have a single definition.... if you’re a single parent working your a$$ off at work and at home you’re self made. If your starting your own business tryna get it off the ground you’re self made. If you made it through high school or just starting a new course you’re self made. It’s time to not just celebrate what we are told or shown as success but celebrating ourselves and everyone around us. ???? What makes YOU Self Made? I wanna know and I want us to inspire and uplift each other???? #selfMade

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Considering the cut-throat and highly judgmental nature of the modeling and fashion world, Iskra’s perspective is important to hear. And that’s what many of her supporters love about her, as one person pointed out that “She is my perfect body and all I strive for.” Another said that “you can tell she works out but at the same time is is [sic] still soft and a little squishy in all the right places.”

The model had to overcome a lot to get to where she is, and it’s amazing to see her continue to encourage everyone to embrace who they are naturally. In the past, Iskra has battled mental health issues along with body issues thanks to the derogatory remarks from people in the modeling world as she tried to break into the industry. So now that she’s found success, she takes any opportunity she can to tell people to “Stay true to yourself,” detailed ABC News.