August 28, 2018
Andy Cohen Under Fire From 'RHONY' Fans For Defending Bethenny Frankel During Last Week's Reunion

On last week's Real Housewives of New York Season 10 reunion, it was obvious that friendships had indeed crumbled. Actually, it appeared as if almost the entire stage was united in some form and banding together against one cast member - Bethenny Frankel. She wasn't totally alone, though, as Sonja Morgan was kind of on her side, but Andy Cohen defending Bethenny at every turn and it has brought some fire down upon him from the fans.

Throughout all of last week's part one of the reunion, fans hopped on Twitter and kept bashing Andy for stepping up to defend Bethenny. No matter what Carole Radziwill or Dorinda Medley or Ramona Singer said, it was always Andy speaking up to come to the defense of Bethenny, and it was blatantly obvious.

As reported by Reality Blurb, fans are speaking out even more since the ending of part one and leading into part two this Wednesday. Fans haven't been holding back either as one said that he had no dignity and another said Andy was disrespecting the rest of the cast.

Twitter user "Raymond Buckeye" even said that it was "so obvious" that Andy Cohen was "team Bethenny 110%."

If you watched the Season 10 reunion of RHONY, you could hear Andy Cohen repeatedly helping Bethenny out against the other cast members. At one point, Bethenny was asked a question and the other ladies were speaking over her which resulted in Andy yelling, "I want to hear her f**king answer" while slamming his hand down.

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There were a number of times in which Andy and Carole shared some extremely tense moments on stage too.

As soon as the reunion was about to begin, Carole's cell phone rang and she hurried to silence it, but she wasn't fast enough. Andy gave her a staredown which was reminiscent of a parent or teacher staring down a child who had just done something wrong and they should have known better.

Later, Carole and Bethenny were arguing with one another and it was getting quite heated. Carole accused Bethenny of constantly coming at her during the season and Andy said that both of them were doing it. Carole was fed up at that point and fired back at Andy with a lot of attitude.

Fans continued to notice that Andy did nothing but defend Bethenny and they even threatened to stop watching RHONY entirely.

Yes, there were also a number of RHONY fans online who were showing their support for Bethenny Frankel and defending her against the other cast members. They have also backed up Andy Cohen's defense of Bethenny, but it is obvious that a number of fans were turned off by his actions last week. The second part of the Season 10 reunion of Real Housewives of New York airs on Wednesday night, and you can be sure that the turmoil will continue.