'General Hospital' Spoilers: The Baby Saga Continues, Kim Has News For Michael, And Valentin Keeps Digging

General Hospital spoilers indicate that emotions will be running high during Tuesday's show. Everybody is worried about Mike after the alarm incident and teasers note that Brad and Lucas will be bracing themselves for the court appearance on their adoption. Valentin is determined to find Nina's daughter and Oscar may soon be in great danger.

As viewers saw last week, Brad told Julian that baby Wiley isn't really Wiley, but he lied about who the baby's real mother is. Julian reached out to the birth mother involved in the adoption and General Hospital spoilers via the Tuesday preview on Twitter indicate that Julian will talk with Brad about his attempt to reach out.

SheKnows Soaps notes that Julian will do his best to put Brad at ease, so it may be that he had some success in talking with the birth mother without having to reveal the truth about the first baby. Lucas still has no idea about any of this baby switch chaos and he'll talk with Alexis about how in a few hours they'll know whether they get to keep the baby.

Kim will pull Michael aside and tell him that she has something to share with him. General Hospital spoilers note that this will be related to Nelle, and viewers are curious to see what this is about.

Michael wants nothing to do with Nelle, of course, but Kim seems concerned about something and she'll feel it's essential that she tell him about it. Fans have speculated that maybe this will have something to do with the baby, but nothing solid has emerged pinpointing specifics yet.

Viewers now know for certain that there is a big storyline coming together regarding Kevin and his not-so-dead twin Ryan. General Hospital spoilers reveal the two have another visit during Tuesday's episode. While it seems likely that Ryan is the one on the outside of Ferncliff, impersonating Kevin, some have wondered if it could be that Ryan is the one being held as a patient. It looks like answers may be coming during this August 28 show.

Additional General Hospital spoilers share that Oscar will head to Sonny's house to pay a visit, but it does not go as planned. Photos are floating around showing that Oscar ends up in distress in some way and Jason rushes to help him. Some fans have speculated that he'll end up shot, perhaps as another crisis related to Mike plays out, while others have suggested that he may have a somewhat more mundane medical crisis of some kind.

Tuesday's show also will show Valentin meeting with Curtis about the investigation into Nina's mystery daughter. Curtis will want to loop Nina in on this now rather than hide it from her, but Valentin wants to have more information first. Viewers will also see Nina meeting with Diane about something, and Nina is not happy to hear whatever Diane has to share.

Felicia apparently pops up in Tuesday's show as well, as General Hospital spoilers tease that she'll get some upsetting news. The most obvious connection would be that this is related to the Kevin and Ryan scenario since Ryan terrorized her all those years ago, but fans will have to watch this next episode to see where this heads.

Is there another twist coming with the baby swap storyline? Who is Nina's daughter? General Hospital spoilers suggest that things will get juicy in the weeks ahead and fans won't want to miss what's on the horizon.