August 28, 2018
'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 4: Who Is The New Villain Teased In Episode 11?

Episode 11 of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 teased some new characters as Morgan (Lennie James) tried to work out where he was headed. But, right at the end of the episode, a new villain was teased and fans are already wondering who she is.

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses Episode 11 (titled "The Code") of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead Season 4. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed this episode and wish to avoid spoilers.

Episode 11 of Fear the Walking Dead saw Morgan trying to work out exactly where he was headed. Although the episode started with him making the long trek back to Virginia, it seemed like Morgan could no longer work out where his strongest ties now are. Along the way in this episode, he also met some new people.

The new group, which consisted of a wheelchair-bound man and his female companion, was later joined by another man who was obsessed with making beer. Unlike the groups Morgan has met previously in Fear the Walking Dead, these new people are not as friendly as the likes of John Dorie (Garett Dillahunt), or as obviously fractured as Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey). In fact, these new people are decidedly hard to read as far as what their true personalities are, and whether they can be trusted or not.

AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead,' Season 4, Episode 11, The Code, new characters, Jim, Sarah, and Wendell
AMC | Ryan Green

However, that wasn't the case for the final new character introduced at the end of Episode 11 of Fear the Walking Dead. Without a doubt, this character appeared dubious in nature. And, according to one of Fear's showrunners, Andrew Chambliss, this new character will be an "unexpected antagonist" to Morgan's newly-found group.

When interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, Chambliss and fellow showrunner, Ian Goldberg, were eager to talk about this new character, but did not go so far as to reveal her name, or her true intentions in relation to Morgan's group.

"I don't want to say much about that mysterious woman, " Chambliss told Entertainment Weekly. "But I think it's apparent in that moment that she clearly has some sort of history and relationship with whoever it was who set up that truck stop."

He was also keen to point out that the mysterious new character was "not too happy with the fact that Morgan is now carrying on that kind of legacy that's left behind" in relation to continuing the supply drops along the highway.

As for how soon fans of Fear the Walking Dead will get to learn more about the new antagonist, the showrunners added that she will appear in next week's episode.

"We will learn a bit more about that mysterious woman that we saw at the truck stop, and we'll get a little bit more glimpse into what her goal is," Goldberg said. "We're going to see just how dangerous she is as well."

Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 12 (titled "Weak") of Season 4 on September 2.