‘This Is Us’ Spoilers: Lyric Ross Becomes Series Regular For Season 3, Lots More Of Deja On The Way

Jordan StraussInvision/AP Images

Season 3 of This Is Us begins soon and spoilers suggest that it’s going to be a fantastic season. Viewers now know how Jack Pearson died, but the Season 2 finale generated new questions and left fans hanging on several fronts. The character of Deja, taken in by Beth and Randall and played by actress Lyric Ross, had a very difficult time navigating Kate and Toby’s wedding. At the end of the episode, viewers watched as she lashed out by damaging Randall’s car. How much will Deja be involved in these upcoming episodes? Quite a bit, from the looks of things.

According to Deadline, actress Lyric Ross has just been promoted to be a series regular for Season 3. This means that Deja will remain a part of the Pearson world for the foreseeable future and this will definitely be a complex and nuanced storyline. Ross was brought in as Beth and Randall’s foster daughter and on a recurring basis in Season 2, and it’s clear that the writers have more story to tell with Deja.

What can everybody expect with Deja’s storyline in Season 3? The showrunners typically manage to keep detailed This Is Us spoilers to a minimum. However, seeing Ross’ promotion shows that they’re happy with Lyric’s performances so far and see more complex moments involving Deja and the Pearson family on the way.

Many fans are worried about that brief Season 2 finale scene showing an adult Tess and older Randall stressed over visiting “her.” Viewers don’t know for sure yet who or what Tess and Randall are referencing. However, one common theory is that “her” is Deja and that she may have done ominous, perhaps to Beth. The Inquisitr has detailed that viewers will learn more about this concerning situation at some point in Season 3. However, it does sound as if this potentially heartbreaking development will take a while to fully play out.

The news of Ross’ promotion comes just days after another This Is Us cast-related promotion. Melanie Liburd, who was introduced at the end of Season 2 as Beth’s cousin, will also be a regular in Season 3. Beth’s cousin Zoe shared sparks of chemistry with Randall’s brother Kevin and the two had a cliffhanger of their own as the show revealed that Kevin and Zoe were traveling to Vietnam together as a romantic couple.

What comes next for Lyric Ross’ character of Deja on This Is Us? Spoilers will reveal somewhat more heading into the Season 3 premiere this fall on NBC and fans cannot wait to watch these upcoming new episodes.