Jinger Duggar Shares New Baby Pictures Of Felicity, Fans Are Concerned She Might Be Sick


Jinger Duggar (Vuolo) shared two new pictures of her new baby, Felicity, on Sunday, while fans are concerned that the young lass might be sick, The Hollywood Gossip is reporting.

On Sunday, Jinger, her husband Jeremy, and Baby Felicity did as all Duggars do every Sunday and without fail: They went to church. Specifically, they went to Grace Community Church in Laredo, Texas, where Jeremy serves as a pastor. It was Felicity’s first time going to church with her family.

To mark the occasion, Jinger did what most moms would do when their little tots experience a first: She took pictures then posted them on social media. The first is a closeup of a smiling baby, seemingly living her best life.

Those eyes. ???? #felicitynicolevuolo

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The second shows the family in their Sunday best, heading into church. In this one, Felicity seems a bit more put out.

In the comments on both pictures, fans were almost uniformly supportive of Jinger and Jeremy, praising the little girl for being so adorable and having the most gorgeous blue eyes. Of course, no social media post by anyone connected to the Duggars will be able to avoid comments by haters, but in the main, everyone was encouraging and supporting.

The two new photos stand in sharp contrast to another photo that Jinger posted a few days ago. As the Inquisitr reported at the time, the photo raised concerns that the young lady might be sick.

Felicity is one month old today!

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“Wow, she looks blue. Is she okay? Seriously. I am not trying to be critical or mean.”

“I was really alarmed when I saw this picture. She is purple, and that’s not normal. I hope they take her in and get her checked out.”

Others were concerned about the fact that Felicity’s hands were in gloves, leading to a sometimes-heated discussion about parenting, thumb-sucking, nail-trimming, and a whole host of related issues.

Since the Inquisitr is not a pediatric health journal, we’re not going to speculate on whether or not Felicity is sick. Instead, we’ll just note that just about any photograph can give the wrong impression thanks to the bane of photographers everywhere: bad lighting. In other words, it could very well be that Felicity is just fine and she was just captured in a bad light that day.

Of course, as all parents know, posting a picture on social media of your baby will almost certainly lead to nosy interlopers trying to question your parenting. And that’s especially true if you’re in the public eye like Jinger Duggar.