Paxton Lynch Tried To Help His Girlfriend On Social Media, Accidentally Set Off Rumors He Was Getting Cut

Nathan Francis

Paxton Lynch just wanted to be a good boyfriend, but instead, the embattled Denver Broncos quarterback set off rumors that he might be getting an imminent pink slip.

This weekend, the Broncos quarterback took to his Snapchat page to share a picture of a Denver-area home for sale, leading many to speculate that he was getting ready to leave the city after being cut. But by Sunday, the real story came out --- Lynch was just sharing the home listing to give a hand to his girlfriend, who is a local realtor. The USA Today blog Broncos Wire noted that Paxton Lynch doesn't actually own a home in the area, so if he were leaving town it would be a much simpler process.

The rumors hit home for many Broncos fans who have endured Lynch's shaky tenure. The former first-round pick has struggled with accuracy, battled inconsistency, and now appears to be on the bubble to make the final 53-man roster.

Ryan O'Halloran of the Denver Post noted that there were three options for the Broncos with Lynch. They could trade him but would need to find a trade partner. They could also keep him on the roster as the third-string quarterback. But O'Halloran thinks a third option is the most likely.

"'Cut him,' he wrote. It makes the most sense. Move forward with Case Keenum and Kelly as the top two quarterbacks and either add a third or use that roster spot for depth at another spot. The Broncos should have no issue with [Chad] Kelly being one snap from playing."

Both prospective starter Case Keenum and likely backup Chad Kelly looked sharp in the game, and both have outshined Paxton Lynch for most of the preseason dating back to the team minicamps.

So while the rumors this weekend ended up being off the mark, Paxton Lynch is not at all guaranteed to be on the Broncos roster come Week 1. But if he does find a new city, at least his girlfriend might be able to help him find a new place.