Lauren And Josiah Duggar Share New Photo Together, Could Be Hint Of Upcoming Baby Announcement

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It has been almost two months since Josiah Duggar wed Lauren Swanson in Arkansas, and the two have been getting used to married life ever since. By the looks of it, the lovebirds are doing just fine in that area. But what about babies? Even Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had mentioned that they were hoping for more grandkids coming from the newlyweds, almost before they had their first kiss at the wedding ceremony.

A couple of new photos have just emerged on the couple’s joint Instagram account that may be a slight hint that a baby could already be on the way. Josiah and Lauren shared a picture on Sunday as they are seen posing for the camera together. The Duggar son has on a pair of khaki pants with a dress shirt and tie. His new wife is wearing a green skirt and a blue striped shirt. She completed her outfit with a pair of cute wedge-heeled shoes.

A few of their fans were so impressed by Lauren’s choice of clothing that they were anxious to find out where she got them. The realty star did reply to someone saying that she bought her skirt on Amazon.

In the first photo, the twosome have their arms around each other as they are looking at the camera. Lauren wrote the caption on the post saying, “Can’t believe it’s almost been 2 months since I married my best friend!!!” That is innocent enough. However, it’s the second shot that could very well give a small hint that there is another Duggar bun in the oven.

They are both standing in the same spot, but Lauren is looking at her husband with a big smile on her face. Josiah is looking downward. It most certainly looks like he is staring at her belly. He also has a slight smile on his face. This could very well be their unofficial pregnancy announcement. The new Mr. and Mrs. Duggar may just be waiting to see if anyone takes the hint. This could just be an innocent snapshot of them playing around because Josiah is a prankster after all. Only time will tell if this is the prelude to a baby announcement soon.

Fans of the reality TV family are anxiously waiting for news of another Duggar baby. Even though sister Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband, Jeremy, waited almost a year before they got pregnant, that is not the norm for the Counting On stars. It is more of a surprise when they don’t have a baby announcement within a couple of months after getting hitched. Stay tuned to see if Josiah and Lauren really are expecting their first child.