‘Big Brother 20:’ Rachel Swindler Dragged By Swaggy C For Wanting To Sell ‘Level 6’ Merchandise

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The “Level 6” alliance this season on Big Brother has proven to be the best in the house, and even one of the greatest groupings in recent BB history. Having only lost two members since the beginning of the game, “Level 6” has been able to run the house and swing the votes even when one of its members wasn’t the week’s Head of Household. After losing Rachel Swindler and Winston Hines, “Level 6” now consists of Tyler Crispen, Angela Rummans, Brett Robinson and Kaycee Clark.

Despite being turned on by her alliance, Rachel suggested on Twitter recently that she might look into selling “Level 6” merchandise if anyone was interested. This shocked Big Brother viewers as Rachel was scorned after leaving the BB house and began bashing her former alliance members on Twitter, specifically Angela. Her tweet asking about an interest in merchandise quickly became one of her most popular tweets to date with over 500 comments and over 1,700 likes.

Unfortunately for Rachel, not all of those comments were from fans looking to purchase the newest “Level 6” gear.

“Um honey Level 6 evicted you, why are you supporting them?? They were awful to you,” one fan tweeted.

“Is this girl for real? they been skull dragging you ever since THEY evicted you,” another tweeted.

Rachel Swindler exit interview on BB20
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Most of the comment section on Twitter was full of GIF’s with celebrities rolling their eyes or flat out saying “no.”

Some Big Brother viewers suggested Rachel would have a better go at selling shirts that read “What’s Wrong With Angela,” one of the most popular lines to come out this season. Rachel uttered the now famous phrase after hearing her former bestie bash her in her goodbye message the night she was evicted.

Rachel wouldn’t be the first houseguest from BB20 to market their time on the show, as Chris “Swaggy C” Williams has been selling his own line of swag since his departure. Swaggy had some choice words for Rachel after catching wind of the “Level 6” merchandise idea.

Swaggy C Exit Interview
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“Rach gotta get ALL of Level Six’s permission to make shirts. She can’t just do it because she wants to. She also gotta give 5/6 of the profits to EVERY MEMBER of L6… she can’t just keep it all to herself. And on top of that… they’re making L6 hot. Not her & Winston,” he tweeted.

Rachel ended up blocking Swaggy for his comments regarding the possible merchandise line, but that didn’t stop him from continuing to share his thoughts on Twitter.

“So if she blocked me bc I said her & Winston were utterly useless to L6 so why make shirts… then go ahead. That’s like me making Foutte shirts after gettin backdoored I’m making ME shirts. Shirts that I ain’t even wanna sell but y’all fans sold me out in 2 seconds,” he tweeted.

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