‘Modern Family’ Star Sofia Vergara Is Still Trying To Shake Off Her ‘Entitled’ Ex

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara dated socialite Nick Loeb from 2010-2014, and she has since broken things off and married actor Joe Manganiello. But this hasn’t stopped Loeb from following her every move and bombarding her with legal action in an attempt to gain access to frozen embryos the two created back when they were together. Loeb has even gone so far as to make a right to life themed film to sway opinion to his side of the spat with his former lover.

PageSix says that it’s not Loeb’s pro-life stance, but rather his anger at being told no which is fueling him in his relentless efforts against Sofia Vergara. The well-read page of the New York Post calls Loeb a “third-baser,” meaning that he was born on third base metaphorically and thinks he hit a triple. It’s a baseball-themed label of entitlement or “affluenza” as it’s been called in the courts and media.

“And hell hath no fury like a bottomless-wallet Third Baser scorned.”

Since their break-up, Loeb has filed cases in courts in Louisiana and California in an effort to get custody of the two female embryos and bring them to term via a surrogate.

Friends have described Nick Loeb as “very arrogant” and as someone who “likes to get his way.” But after Vergara dropped him, he was no longer calling the shots, and she moved on with Manganiello. She also sought to have the embryos placed entirely in her custody.

Friends, who likened Loeb to a real-life Arthur (the role played by Dudley Moore and Russell Brand), say that he is used to telling others what to do.

Ivy Supersonic, an old friend of Loeb’s, explains that his mindset is not one of accepting rejection.

“[Nick] is used to people doing things for him. He comes from a certain kind of background… and I can only put up with so much before I have to leave.”

Sofia Vergara stated publicly that when she had the embryos fertilized, it was with the intention of bringing them to term with two parents, but circumstances changed, and that is no longer the case.

“A child needs a loving relationship of parents who… don’t hate each other.”

Loeb’s lawsuit hit a wall when he refused to name the two past girlfriends who had abortions, proving that he was not always pro-life. A judge in California says that the suit will go no further until he gives up those names.

A friend of Loeb claims he always been searching for something, but never quite getting it.

“He had the money to help make himself famous but was always a little bit sad. He’d take everybody out and pay for everything. He was kind of a show-off — a rich kid with no real friends but he liked attention.”

Loeb is continuing to move forward with his movie which has the support of the Catholic Church.