Gigi Hadid Just Posted The Most Heartwarming Happy Birthday Message For Blake Lively On Instagram

Noam GalaiGetty Images

Gigi Hadid and Blake Lively have one of the cutest friendships in Hollywood, but their connection as friends is often unknown or forgotten. In fact, E! Online reports that their BFF timeline stretches back as far as 2014, where they were spotted together at the Golden Heart Awards. Four years is a long time, and they’ve spent it supporting one another, chatting about their lives before stardom, and commenting on one another’s Instagram feeds.

According to the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar, the two even conspired to plan weddings together. Not their own, maybe, but Gigi was enthusiastic about designing greeting cards. Even their significant others are friends, with Zayn Malik and Ryan Reynolds giving each other shout-outs on Twitter.

The two women follow one another on Instagram, and their comment history is just as cute as their interviews together. Before the release of All I See Is You, a film starring Blake Lively, Gigi gave a personal shoutout to her BFF.

“@blakelively YOU ARE EVERYTHING MY FRIEND!!!! So excited for #alliseeisyou out this week,” she said in her 2017 Instagram story. The two only continued interacting from there, commenting on photos of homebaked pies and putting one another in their stories. Talk about cute!

That isn’t the end of their mutual outpouring of love, though. Blake Lively turned 31 yesterday, prompting her BFF to make an adorable post on Instagram. Hadid posted a photo of them hugging, along with a host of compliments ranging from “hardworking” to “the hottest mom.”

She goes on to thank her for being her friend, go-to gal for baking projects, and dancing buddy. Gigi signed off the post with a “Love you” and a heart emoji, thus warming our hearts. If there were any doubts about these gals’ friendship before, they’re definitely gone now. This heartfelt message is beyond sincere.

While Gigi was planning her birthday message, her BFF was off celebrating in the best way possible: by utterly demolishing a box of cupcakes. According to Elle, her husband and kids probably contributed to the carnage, a photo of which was posted on Lively’s Instagram. However, cupcakes weren’t the only victim of Blake’s wrath this week.

A commenter who told Lively to “fire her stylist” was rebutted in a hilarious way when Lively replied: “Thank you for the tips, sir. Alas, I’ve tried to fire @blakelively so many times. But that b*tch just keeps coming back. She won’t leave me alone.”

Whether she’s destroying critics or cupcakes, Lively is certainly living her best life — one that obviously includes her BFF, Gigi Hadid.