August 25, 2018
WWE News: Xavier Woods Breaks Guinness World Record, And He Addresses Rumors Of A New Day Split

Xavier Woods is riding high as of late, not only because The New Day are the new WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions, but Woods recently broke a Guinness World Record. As seen in the video below, WWE superstar Xavier Woods and his YouTube video game show and channel, UpUpDownDown, recently broke the Guinness World Record for Most Subscribed to Celebrity Video Game Channel. That's a very specific category, but a great feat nonetheless. UpUpDownDown was created in 2015, and in the show, Xavier invites fellow WWE superstars, celebrities, and gaming personalities to join him in playing video games.

On Tuesday's SmackDown Live, The New Day beat The Bludgeon Brothers to win the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship for the third time, making it the fifth WWE tag title the team has won overall. It's wrestling tradition for a team to eventually break up or turn on one another, and rumors have been surfacing that even though The New Day recently won the tag titles, the WWE is gearing up to split the team apart.

In a recent interview with Alex McCarthy of Give Me Sport, Xavier Woods addressed those rumors. The WWE champion said that he can't remember a group in wrestling that didn't inevitably turn on itself, or turn and then later reunite. The WWE champion told Give Me Sport that this is not going to happen to The New Day.

"New Day, I'm telling you this right now, New Day will never turn, ever, and that's because we have zero desire to ever do that."
Xavier Woods added that The New Day are having the most fun that they've ever had in their careers.
"I have no desire to go to work and not work with my friends. People say on Twitter 'Oh, New Day's doing this, Big E's going to turn and this is happening' or 'Woods is the snarky one, he's going to turn.' Why? We're having the most fun we've ever had in our careers. It's not like anyone's said 'I need to sabotage my friends camp to be champ!' -- What is it to be champ when you're champ by yourself."
The Guinness World Record holder said that if you're standing up there alone in the cold, mountainous castle, that's not fun. He added that he wants to be up there with his friends, and that if Kofi Kingston ever won the WWE championship, Woods would also feel like the champion because they have The New Day rule. The WWE champion said that The New Day will retire before they turn, and he added that this wasn't his character speaking, but Austin Watson (his real name) telling fans the truth that The New Day will never split up.