Nintendo Switch Releases 3 New Nindies To Roster

The Nintendo Switch has three new nindies in its roster: Bad North, Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition, and Morphies Law. The indie games were initially announced at E3 2018. Bad North, Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition, and Morphies Law are different from each other, but some avid gamers might see a resemblance between these three new nindies and other popular mobile or indie games.

Between the three new nindies released for the Switch, GameSpot suggests that Bad North could be a new favorite for fans of Nintendo’s portable console. Plausible Concept developed the Viking-themed nindie, and Raw Fury published it. Gamers must protect their island from invading Vikings in Bad North. The game’s primary objective may not be an entirely new concept to some gamers, but the Swedish developer of the nindie points out that Bad North is all about “micro-strategy.” Plausible Concept’s indie game may seem like any other strategy game at first glance, but upon closer inspection, it might be a bit more challenging than other strategy games currently on the market. Bad North seems to challenge a gamer’s knack for strategy and warfare.

While Bad North is reminiscent of strategy games like Clash of Clans, Morphies Law has been compared to Splatoon by Eurogamer in a review. While the site likened the new nindie to the popular team-based third-person shooter, however, it also concluded that Morphies Law falls a little short in replicating Splatoon‘s magic. The primary objective of the nindie is to gun down as many gamers on the other team as possible. The catch, however, is that each time a player shoots another, mass is added to the shooter’s body. For example, if player 1 shoots player 2 in the head, then player 1’s head will grow in size. Eurogamer notes that the exchange in mass doesn’t seem to affect or add to the game, making it mostly a gimmick. However, the site does say that the mass exchange gimmick does affect the end game in Morphies Law‘s Mass Heist mode.

Lastly, there is Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition which some could say is more inspired by popular shows and movies, like Orange Is The New Black and Escape Plan starring Sylvester Stallone. GameSpot‘s review of the nindie had a lot to say on the game’s purpose. Prison Architect allows gamers to create their own prison in sandbox mode. Players also control how the jail is run, whether it is humane or not. Gamers can decide whether to use fear or kindness to keep prisoners in line. The game will also allow players to play as prisoners and hatch their escape. The way the indie game is set up, it begs the question: How should criminals be treated? In a sense, this indie game will allow players to decide whether prisons are used to rehabilitate the people within or to keep those prisoners separate from society altogether.

Bad North, Morphies Law, and Prison Architect are all available on the Nintendo Switch now. Bad North costs $15, Morphies Law costs $30, while Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition costs $20.

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