Sarah Ferguson Had ‘Regret’ As Kate Middleton Wed Prince William, Would Advise Younger Self To ‘Don’t Blow It’

In a recently resurfaced interview with The Daily, Sarah Ferguson described all of her regretful emotions as she watched Kate Middleton and Prince William wed on TV in 2011. Unfortunately, she was not invited to the big event, considering she had a falling out with the royals in 1992 following a cheating scandal with Texan oil businessman John Bryan, detailed Express. Leaked photos showed her lounging in a bikini with her toes in Bryan’s mouth while she was still married to Prince Andrew.

So as Sarah watched the wedding, she was filled with many emotions.

“It caused me to have great soul searching on regret, on all the things, you look at. I reflect on the past, reflect on what it is like to make thunderous mistakes, or huge lapses of judgment.”

At the least she has her children to show for all of the hard times she’s had to endure, as Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are still part of the royal family.

Sarah also described what she would tell her younger self, if she could give her advice.

“If I being me now could go back to that young girl when I was 24, I would say to her, you know what, I will stick with you, I will stay with you, I’m with you. You’ve got the world, you’ve got the best looking prince, you’ve got the world at your feet. Don’t blow it.”

She added that “you don’t need to run around trying to get everyone to love you.”

But even with the scandal, she mentioned that her ex-husband and children were instrumental in helping her cope with all of the trials and tribulations that ensued.

Ferguson attended Meghan and Harry’s wedding, and will be at her daughter Eugenie’s big day too. However, some are concerned that the “feud” between Prince Philip and the Duchess of York could cause a distraction during the wedding, detailed Express. It sounds like Philip is super keen on staying away from Sarah as much as possible.

“Prince Philip does not like being in the same building as her,” an insider said. “He just can’t bring himself to forgive her for some of the outrageous things she has done.”

However, it’s likely that Philip may have to see Sarah face-to-face during the wedding, and any sign of rivalry could be captured for the whole world to see.

And that’s not the only point of contention over Princess Eugenie’s wedding. It was recently revealed that her security costs of a whopping $2.5 million would be handed over to the British taxpayers, which has some people angered over the lavish event.

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