Audible Is Getting Guided Meditation And Workouts Thanks To Aaptiv

The Amazon-owned audio book giant Audible will soon be adding even more choices for loyal, and perhaps new, customers by gaining content from popular fitness audio app Aaptiv. TechCrunch recently reported that this fitness audio programming will be “firmly targeted at beginners.” As for what this content will include, there will be an audio coaching to help beginners run a mile or a 5K, and even one for guided meditation, and all of this will have 20 session per piece. Audible says the company will be adding the new courses throughout the year. These will include four workouts and a sleep-improvement session. This content will all be rolling out in the coming weeks.

Within the next two weeks, it is expected that Audible will have eight of these new courses available. Previews of those eight courses can currently be listened to on Audible‘s website, where they are listed but grayed out. Such courses are set to be exclusive, and will be offered up for free to Audible members only through September of next year, according to the company. For those who are not Audible subscribers, the content can also be purchased individually between the costs of $6.99 USD and $19.99 USD per title. The price will depend on how many hours of audio content is being purchased.

The company has been expanding the type of content being offered to reach out beyond the traditional audiobooks they are known for over the past few years. Fans of Audible are already aware that the company offers various podcast-like channels which let people listen to brief programming either on the go or via an Echo speaker. This original content catalog has already expanded to 77 titles. Besides including meditation and workouts, Audible says that the company is planning to double the amount of original content they offer as well; they already have over 150 titles in various stages of production.

Plans to more than double by the end of 2018 are already underway, according to Audible, which ties together with Amazon’s ambitions for Alexa-powered Echo devices. As for the meditation content in particular, the Alexa-powered Echo device is highly likely to be the ideal platform for Audible subscribers, notes TechCrunch.

Records show that Audible’s parent company, Amazon, has invested in this startup with Aaptiv this past June 2018. This allowed the partnership to take root, and as Aaptiv CEO Ethan Agarwal has stated, the joining has brought about the potential to develop training services which could work for Alexa and fitness workouts playing over Echo devices.