Fans Of 'Counting On' Express Concerns After Jinger Duggar's Latest Instagram Photo Of Baby Felicity

Amanda Ross

After welcoming their daughter, Felicity, on July 19, Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo couldn't hide their elation. They celebrated their daughter's first month with a cute photo on Instagram, but according to Celebrity Insider, the photo had many fans concerned.

"Wow, she looks blue. Is she okay? Seriously. I am not trying to be critical or mean," wrote one fan. Another fan agreed and added, "I was really alarmed when I saw this picture. She is purple, and that's not normal. You are right to comment as you did. I hope they take her in and get her checked out."

Another added that it looked like the baby's eye's were turned out slightly. She related that her son had the same issue, and after visiting an optometrist, they learned their child needed glasses.

This isn't the first time Duggar and her husband have had their parenting skills called into question. When Vuolo posted a photo to his Instagram of Felicity, many fans took issue with the fact that Felicity was so close to the screen. In another photo taken with Felicity in her car seat, some expressed concerns over the way the baby was positioned. But the pair seems to enjoy being parents and doting on baby Felicity.

"It's incredible being first-time parents," Jinger said, according to the Daily Mail. "It's something that you think about and dream about, but when it's actually here, I think the reality hits you and it's just the sweetest thing in the whole world."

In the latest episode of Counting On, viewers saw Duggar and Vuolo celebrating their first wedding anniversary. Vuolo surprised Duggar with a black upright piano as a gift. He also surprised her by having her parents and one of her siblings waiting for Duggar in another room.

Duggar and Vuolo tied the knot in November, 2016. They announced their pregnancy in April.

"Truly, the Lord's mercies are new every morning! Now, the journey has taken an exciting turn: we are expecting our first child. We are praising God for this beautiful gift and ask that you join us in praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy," they wrote on their website, according to People.

The pair lives in Laredo, Texas. Unlike her siblings, Duggar is the first to relocate permanently.