Beverly Hills Hotel Found A Creative Way To Get Back At Justin Verlander For His Dodger-Killing Ways

Jason O. WatsonGetty Images

Justin Verlander is a very popular baseball player these days, having won a World Series title with the Astros. However, his popularity may not translate in Los Angeles, where he and his team are responsible for the defeat of the city’s beloved Dodgers. The star pitcher posted a funny bit of receipt ribbing to his Instagram on Friday. He visited the Cabana Cafe at the Beverly Hills Hotel for a late breakfast. He sat there, enjoying his latte, prepared with skim milk and vanilla syrup. He apparently also took down a Green Monster (origin unknown, probably a kale smoothie). He also ordered salad, eggs, and pancakes.

His bill at Cabana Cafe in Beverly Hills looks normal at first, with charges for the above pancakes and salad. But surely the nearly $1 million charge for being a “Dodger-Killer” can’t possibly be accurate.

CBS Sports provided some more details about the brunch bill, but it looks like Verlander took it all in stride. After all, what’s a little lunchtime joking to a World Series winner? And Verlander really made a name for himself in the 2017 World Series.

In 12 innings he struck out 14 players, and allowed just 5 runs. He lost Game 6, but his work is still credited with helping the Astros win the series overall. He’s in town not only for brunch, but for a series with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, so Dodgers fans can rest easy. He’s not coming for your team this time.

Even with the $1 million charge, Verlander, who made $28 million this season, could afford such an exorbitant brunch. But it’s probably best for him and the team if he stays within the $100 per diem allotted by the MLB.

Verlander is used to winning; CBS Sports says he’s just one of four pitchers in the league with fewer than 125 losses. He’s actually won 200 games and has achieved more than 2,500 strikeouts, so he’s definitely no stranger to doing well. So it goes to show this likely isn’t the first time he’s dealt with some fans who are a little bit upset, but still good-natured. If you’re going to prank a millionaire baseball star, it’s probably best to do it after he’s full of pancakes and salad.

The games are scheduled for this evening at 7:07 p.m., Saturday at 6:07 p.m. and Sunday at 1:07 p.m. All times are Pacific Standard Time. Anyone planning on playing a prank Verlander has ample time to do it, but the restaurant bill gag is already taken.