‘General Hospital’ Recap For Friday, August 24: Mike Panics, Ava’s Busted, & A Mystery Man’s Presence Stuns

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

Fans knew that Friday’s episode of General Hospital would be a juicy one, and it indeed was. Chase and Robert were determined to help Anna and Finn as they were being pushed to help Cassandra. Ava is still furious with Griffin, but the tables may be about to turn, and Mike’s illness is getting more difficult to manage. Executive producer Frank Valentini teased via Twitter that this episode would blow people’s minds, and it definitely did. What went down during the August 24 show?

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Friday’s episode of General Hospital was slated to have some tense moments between Griffin and Ava. It turned out that Ava met up with Julian and Leo at the park, and Griffin came through during a run. Julian and Leo left the two to talk, and things got tense. Griffin shared how he’d been kicked to the curb at General Hospital and he told Ava he figured she knew how that had happened.

Ava and Griffin fought over the test he’d run and hidden, but things took a turn when Julian rushed Leo over to the doctor after a fall. Griffin checked Leo out, and as this played out, Leo mentioned the yellow blanket that Ava and Julian had tried to keep a secret. The two scrambled and tried to cover, but Griffin made the connection anyway.

Griffin asked Ava if this blanket Leo referenced was the very same one that Nelle and Carly had fought over, but that supposedly didn’t exist. Until now, Ava had managed to keep people from finding out that she’d been conspiring with Nelle on all of this and had taken the blanket after Nelle’s fall. Now, however, Griffin knows just enough to probably piece it all together.

Drew and Margaux continued to feel one another out while bantering and flirting with one another. They met up for hot chicken wings, but this led to a tense confrontation between Margaux and Carly, as Carly was at the same place playing pool with Jason. Margaux tried to smooth things over with Carly, but as General Hospital fans would surely anticipate, Carly wasn’t receptive.

Later, Margaux and Drew ended up at her place and he had a moment alone in the living room as she changed since he’d sprayed her with hot sauce. He snooped around a tad and soon found a flash drive tucked under a notepad.

Is this the flash drive that has his memories on it? He didn’t get too far in exploring this, as Margaux was soon back and wondering what he was doing.

At Sonny’s house, he, Felix, and Mike were watching some baseball and bonding. Things were going pretty well until later on when Mike was alone and the security alarm went off.

Mike got quite flustered and upset, and things got incredibly tense when Jason and Carly burst through one door, Jason’s gun drawn, as Sonny rushed in with a gun and yet a third person came from the other side of the house with a gun drawn. Mike was shown in sheer panic, as he couldn’t break down what was happening. Will this be the moment that pushes Sonny to move Mike to a care facility?

Anna and Finn have been scrambling to get a leg up on their captors, and they thought they’d figured out a plan. They pressured Cassandra to cooperate with them, warning that if she didn’t, they’d put her back in a coma. She tried to resist, but seemingly caved, and Anna and Finn managed to drug the two men guarding them so they could escape.

Finn and Anna left Cassandra on her own in the room, assuming they wouldn’t be able to get anywhere on her own. They were scoping out an exit and ran into Robert and Chase, who had uncovered just enough information to figure out where they were. When Anna and Finn got back to the room where Cassandra was supposed to be, she was gone.

Next, viewers saw Cassandra sitting in a vehicle. She looked quite unwell, and soon someone joined her in the car. She seemed rattled by the person getting into the car, and the mystery person laid a hand on her leg while wearing a very distinctive ring on his hand. It would seem that this is a Cassadine who is with her, but which Cassadine is it?

There are, of course, several options when it comes to mysterious Cassadine men. People have wondered for some time now if Nikolas would return as a recast, and some fans have speculated that perhaps Stefan could pop back up again since actor Stephen Nichols is done with his run on Days of Our Lives. Valentin could be mixed up in all of this, or it could ultimately be someone completely unexpected or new to the mix of things who is behind this mystery appearance.

SheKnows Soaps teases that next week, Ava will feel backed into a corner and Sonny will try to decide what to do next. General Hospital spoilers hint that big twists and shockers are the way and viewers cannot wait to see where these latest bombshells head.