Tom Cruise Demands Hotel Staff To Avoid Looking At Him As He Recovers

Tom Cruise has always been known as a quirky star, but a new rumor about how he is healing from a recent injury tops most stories which have made the rounds about the action star. Cruise is said to be healing from an injury sustained on the set of the most recent Mission Impossible movie, and he is committed to healing through his religion, Scientology.

But that’s not the strange part. Jezebel shared the story that Cruise has rules for the way the staff at his current hotel can interact with him. Cruise is staying at the Corinthia Hotel in London and wants to minimize contact with employees of the hotel by having them enter the room backward.

“He really annoyed staff at Claridge’s… It made everyone’s lives hard as they had to open doors with their backs while carrying trays stacked with the health foods Tom makes them order in, and it was a nightmare for cleaners… They felt ridiculous and nicknamed Tom ‘Fawlty Towers’ during his stay, after the TV show starring John Cleese, who is famous for his Monty Python ‘silly walks’ sketch — and because they joke his head’s faulty.”

RadarOnline says that Cruise has been nursing a number of injuries in addition to a broken ankle. But sources close to the actor say he is confident that the “miraculous healing powers” of Scientology will allow him to make a full recovery.

“Everyone knows Tom is out there when it comes to his beliefs, especially in Scientology.”

The source added that in addition to his religious beliefs, he’s rather vain and only wants to be seen at the top of his game, so being “viewed” when he’s sick or even when he has a headache is not optimal.

Cruise is being treated by doctors, but he also had a Scientology shaman flown to London to aid in his recovery. His team says that he believes the shaman can not only heal injuries but also “bring the dead back to life.”

“Tom was ashamed that even with that lot treating him, he still wasn’t up and about. He genuinely thinks Scientology can work miracles.”

Cruise has continued to put his support for Scientology ahead of everything, relocating to Florida to be closer to the Scientology headquarters, and rarely seeing his youngest child, Suri, who lives full time with her mother, Katie Holmes. The main rift in Cruise’s relationship with Holmes and Suri seems to revolve around his dedication to the Church of Scientology.

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