Rita Ora Shares A Seductive Pose From Her Wardrobe To Instagram, Wearing One Shoulder Bodysuit

Matthew EismanGetty Images

Rita Ora took to popular social media platform Instagram in order to show off her vivacious curves and sizzling attitude in a recent post going out to her fans and followers across the globe.

Wearing a tightly-fitted one shoulder bodysuit that left little to the imagination, the British singer and actress struck a seductive yet confident pose amidst what appears to be her wardrobe. The suit itself is of a sheer white fabric, lightly textured with small studs. Cutouts surrounding the hips and thighs reveal a textual tattoo on Ora’s right hip, joining others that can be seen decorating her right arm.

Her makeup appears to be on point as well, a glimmering and shiny nude colored eyeshadow being joined by thick and luscious lashes and a natural looking lipstick finisher. Her hair, tousled and carefree in a style reminiscent of long days spent sunbathing at a tropical beach or spent surfing the cerulean curl of ocean waves, is bleach blond with chestnut roots.

Rita Ora seems to have a rather eclectic wardrobe backgrounding her, varying greatly in aesthetic choices from a denim-and-leopard-print hodgepodge to a crisp white blazer cropped off above the waist. She is joined by an anonymous guest in frame who appears to be working with other garments, hidden from view.

In the caption, Ora gives a big shout out to the Notting Hill Carnival, held every year in the month of August. The Notting Hill Carnival takes place over a two-day span, stretching over all of the streets of Notting Hill, and is one of the largest street festivals in the world — attracting more than 1 million visitors whenever it is put off. In a different thrust than the usual English celebrations, this event is centered around the Caribbean community, according to The Notting Hill Carnival official website.

This year, the Notting Hill Carnival will be held between August 25 and August 27. Heightened security will be in place this year in response to a series of knife attacks plaguing the area, with metal detectors being installed for the first time in the carnival’s history, according to Sky News.

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Rita Ora’s rabid social media fan base seemed to react rather positively to the pose struck by the music industry icon, offering up over 280,000 loves on the Instagram share in the few hours that have expired since the snapshot was first posted. The comments range from marriage proposals to simple well-wishes as her followers respond to the sultry and expressive image in their own personal fashion.