Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Latest Makeover In Instagram Snap

Always identified as a modern style icon, Kim Kardashian took to popular social media platform Instagram today to share the latest and greatest from her private collection.

Showing off perfectly plumped lips clad with a peach lip liner from the Kim Kardashian-West Classic Collection palette, the reality TV starlet responsible for anchoring Keeping Up With The Kardashians exudes a sexy yet confident vibe. Staring cooly at the camera beneath smoky eyes and long, luscious lashes, Kim Kardashian looks to have perfected the Instagram model aesthetic without reservation, adopting an air of implacable calm and unshakable confidence in herself and her appearance.

Luxuriously thick and well-sculpted eyebrows a perched impeccably above her natural brows, neither too dark nor too light to match her natural hair color -- a testament to years of practice and perhaps a few make-up tutorials along the way. Her famously dark hair is pulled back simply to reveal the work that went into the makeover, held in place by a delicate hand placed to her temple, allowing the long locks to tumble about her shoulders and back into the bed she is posing upon.

The look is capped off by a bright pink tank top that appears to be from Coco Chanel, though this is just an assumption made from the branding embossed on the light and strappy garment.

It seems that Kim Kardashian's fans are in love with the Instagram photo as well, having rained down over 531,000 hearts on the snapshot in just under an hour since the image was posted. The image is captioned in a rather straightforward style that is unusual for the typically cryptic television star -- perhaps belying the entrepreneurial flair and motivation behind the beauty shot.

"Love this glam using the Classic Collection palette with Peach 1 Lip and Nude liner 2! All available at"

Kim K. has also been spotted on Instagram alongside husband Kanye West whilst the family was on vacation in Miami, according to The Inquisitr, sharing a stripped-down beach shot featuring the two lovebirds just yesterday. The reality television icon is decked out in a revealing black bikini, kneeling on Kanye West's thigh while he observes the camera somewhat nonchalantly, the sun likely blinding him -- at least partially.

For his part Kanye West looks relaxed in the wooden beach chair and simple grey flip-flops. Kim's cheeky captioning of the photo tells the tale, telling her fans and followers on social media that, "On vacay he just likes to sleep but I got him out for 5 mins for a pic."

With Kanye West having just released his latest album, Ye, at the beginning of June this year -- he deserves all the rest he can handle.