Spice Girls Fan, 34, Is Evicted From His Home For Over-Playing ‘Viva Forever’

A Spice Girls fan has been evicted from his home because his fellow residents have complained that he constantly plays the girl band’s number one song, “Viva Forever.

Gavin Townroe, played the song so loudly and so often that one of his fellow neighbours needed to be signed off sick from work due to lack of sleep.

The 34-year-old would play the song at all hours during the day, and other inhabitants of the building were forced to leave their homes just to get away from the song.

The offence was reported to the police last year, and Townroe was given an ASBO for his troubles. Townroe was also told to keep the volume down after officers noted how loud it was in his home.

However in October, Townroe was given a six week suspended jail sentence for breaching the order, and today, Nottingham City Council, have revealed that they have succeeded in evicting him from the flat.

Wayne Cliff, an enforcement officer, stated, “Despite being warned, Mr Townroe had a total disregard for his neighbours. At times the volume was so loud residents would leave their properties to escape the music.”

Sarah Alsayed, one his neighbours, said, “As well as the Spice Girls, it was different music too – rock, dance, R and B. I like music too, but not like that. Friday, Saturday, you don’t mind, but seven days a week is very difficult to deal with. Sometimes it would happen at seven, eight o’clock in the morning. I don’t mind the Spice Girls but not at that time in the morning.”