Jennifer Lopez Breaks Down In Tears During Emotional Moment On 'World Of Dance'

Jennifer Lopez broke down in tears during an emotional moment on her NBC dance series World of Dance. The singer and actress became visibly emotional while speaking to dance group The Lab after they revealed that their dance was inspired by a tragic event one of the members had been through, with Lopez sharing a clip of the emotional moment on her official Instagram account.

JLo uploaded a video showing her welling up on social media ahead of the latest airing of the show on August 22, which showed her wiping away tears as she discussed the importance of dance and how she believes it has the power to "heal" people after tragic events.

Touching her face to wipe away her tears, Lopez, who was dressed in a red satin tracksuit during the latest episode of the show, told the group in the clip, "I'm a strong believer in that stuff like this really heals you."

"You say, 'I'm powerful and you cannot break me'" Jennifer then continued, before heading over to the dance group for a big group hug as she cried. Lopez then told the contestants "Go kill 'em okay?" while her voice broke with emotion.

In her piece to the camera, the emotional Shades of Blue actress continued by saying, "The love that she has for dance heals. I want them to know that art does heal that it does get better. That it will make you stronger."

Writing in the caption of the video that saw her crying with the dance troupe, Jennifer admitted that the episode was another emotional one for her.

"Another moving episode of #worldofdance tonight," she wrote in the caption of her upload, adding the hashtag #CANTMISS.

As Inquisitr reported back in May, this isn't the first time Lopez has become visibly emotional on her NBC series.

Jennifer was also crying on a May 29 episode of World of Dance after seeing a young couple of contestants perform a touching routine inspired by the struggles of relationships.

JLo began to tear up as she gave her critique to the duo, causing her co-judges Derek Hough and Ne-Yo to both reach out and comfort her by patting her back and putting their arms around her.

"The idea of not being able to see in a relationship, being so close to somebody, but not really seeing them, and then taking that off and allowing them in, it's beautiful," Lopez said at the time, per Daily Mail.

But while she may have been emotional about relationships earlier this year, it seems as though Jennifer's current romance with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez couldn't be stronger right now.

Jennifer Lopez was crying on her NBC show 'World of Dance' as she revealed how dance can
Getty Images | Nicholas Hunt

Lopez has been very outspoken about their love ever since they first started dating last year, even recently admitting that although their relationship is so strong now she doesn't believe they'd have lasted if they started their romance 20 years ago when both were in their 20s.

"But now, at this point in our lives, where we both have kids and we both accomplished certain things in our careers and we're kind of in that second act of our lives," Inquisitr reported Jennifer said on New York City radio station 103.5 KTU.

"We really complement each other," the "Dinero" singer added of her romance with A-Rod.