Natasha Aponte Accused Of ‘Bachelorette’ Tinder Scam, Duping Dozens Of Men

A New York City woman is accused of using to Tinder to pull off a Bachelorette-esque scam, luring dozens of men to Union Square, only for them to find out that they were competing for her love.

Just about everybody who has ever used Tinder, or any other dating app, has been duped at one point or another. Usually, it’s a person whose physical appearance doesn’t match the decade-old picture they used for their profile pic. Or maybe they’ve found that their “date” is simply playing a long con, looking for someone to be duped into having feelings for them and then taking them for money.

But Natasha Aponte may have just pulled off the biggest Tinder scam of them all.

Aponte identifies herself on social media as an “Instagram model” who emits “positive vibes,” travels the world, and is an actress, model, and singer, according to Yahoo Lifestyle. Or at least, she did: her Instagram account has since been set to Private, meaning that only people she approves can see her profile.

Anyway, using Tinder, Aponte made contact with several men. One such man was Twitter user @bvdhai, who says that he was roped into believing that Aponte really wanted a date with him. He says that she beautifully played the role of a real-life would-be Tinder date, completely ghosting him for two weeks before returning out of nowhere, with the offer of a date.

“Then yesterday I get a text “HEY IM FINALLY FREE LMAO… my friend is DJing near Union square around 6 tomorrow I was wondering if you wanted to go for a bit then we could go get drinks after and see what happens”

On the appointed day – Sunday, the user showed up for the “date,” only to find that what he’d actually been invited to was a contest. As a live DJ spun tunes, dozens of men in their Sunday best found themselves in front of a stage. Then Natasha appeared and instructed the men on what was happening: like the premise of The Bachelorette, they would be competing for her hand.

Many of the men, realizing they’d been had, headed home. Others figured that since they were committed to it, they might as well see it through.

First, Aponte thinned the crowd, telling Trump supporters and men named Jimmy to leave (“I don’t enjoy the name ‘Jimmy.'”)

She then held physical competitions, according to WNBC-TV (New York), including a foot race and a competition to see who could do the most push-ups.

It’s not clear, as of this writing, if Natasha emerged from the competition with a suitable fellow willing to date her. However, if the Inquisitr learns of the outcome, we will of course, let you know.