Shannon Beador Opens Up About ‘Emotional’ And ‘Scary’ Court Meeting With Estranged Husband David

Charles SykesBravo

Shannon Beador spoke about a recent court hearing with estranged husband David Beador on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

“I just want him out of my life,” Shannon declared during Monday’s show, according to a report from People magazine on August 20.

Shannon and David first announced the end of their 17-year marriage last fall as production on The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 12 came to an end.

On Monday night, as she and David prepared to face off during a court hearing for temporary support, Shannon revealed that she invited David into her home to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family. However, as she revealed, David has told her that the 17 years they spent together was “hell.”

While Shannon has been seen struggling to cope with her emotions on the show after learning of David’s romance with girlfriend Lesley Cook, she claimed she felt nothing for him on Season 13.

“It’s not anger. How in six months after separating, can you just feel nothing after 20 years? … I just want it to be over,” she explained.

That said, Shannon later admitted that her court meeting with David was both “emotional” and “a little scary.”

Although a judge ruled in Shannon’s favor during the hearing and awarded her a substantial monthly amount from her estranged husband, she “felt bad” about the amount and decided to have it lowered.

“[My lawyer] Ben and I talked about lowering the amount, to be nice. … We actually settled on $22,500 a month, because that’s what I need at this point,” she explained.

“Raising three children in California is expensive,” Shannon continued. “If anything, I was fair in cutting down the order. I just want him out of my life.”

Despite her kindness, David reportedly confronted Shannon in the courthouse after their hearing and “went off” on his former wife.

“Ben had to scream for the bailiff. He was so livid. [David] came around the corner and said, ‘You f***ing happy Ben?'” she recalled.

According to Shannon Beador, David was upset after the court hearing because he had no control over his own finances. As she explained, her estranged husband has a control issue and didn’t respond well to not being in charge.

Also during last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shannon, who recently began dating a man named Scott Matteson, said that she wasn’t so sure that she was ready to date. As she explained to her co-stars, the idea of dating “panicked” her at the time the series was filmed.

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