Emily Ratajkowski Bares Her Lower Back In A Bathroom Polaroid Photo That She Posted On Instagram

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Emily Ratajkowski shared an interesting photo on her Instagram page. It’s a picture of a Polaroid sitting on a table. You can see Emily facing a mirror, as she partially wears what looks like a white dress. Her back is exposed, including parts of her lower back. In the reflection to Emily’s right, you can see someone holding the Polaroid and taking the photo. The flash is photographed in the reflection too. Her fans responded positively, many commenting on how much they like the picture.

Emrata captioned the video, “Who is she @iblamejordan? Coming soon.” The person that’s tagged is friend and model Jordan Barrett. Whether Jordan guessed correctly is unknown. But the two were recently hanging out together while visiting some Italian islands, which must have been a blast. Jordan’s last Instagram post is of him and Emrata aboard a luxury yacht.

In addition, Emily also posted a second photo of herself wearing the wig that’s photographed in the Polaroid shot. She wore heavy eyeliner and a glossy pink lipstick, looking a lot like Jackie O. This one was simply captioned, “Who tho?” according to the Inquisitr. The photo was likely shot as part of a photoshoot, detailed Yahoo News. Some wonder, however, if she’ll ever cut her hair short.

Who is she @iblamejordan ? Coming soon.

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And in other news, Emily also landed on Vogue‘s “10 Best Dress” list for this week. She landed there thanks to her summery white dress and flat sneakers that she sported while out on the town for a bit of shopping. The Doen dress, Prada bag, and Adidas shoes all mixed together for a casual chic outfit that had heads turning.

She’s been plenty busy, working on movies and other TV projects while attending tons of celebrity-studded events. For example, she’s starring in Cruise, which is a 1980s rom-com. Emily brings her sultry persona to the screen, as Jessica Weinberg, who has an alter-ego named “Francesca.” She and bad boy Gio Fortunato played by Spencer Boldman then start a whirlwind of a summer romance, detailed People. This is a great opportunity to watch a modern take on the typical ’80s romance movies.

The belly tho. The belly.

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Meanwhile, her fans fawn over her revealing Instagram posts that range from the most casual to sultry selfies. From the day that she was spotted out in the white dress that won her a spot on the “Best Dressed” list, she posted a photo on Instagram with a cute dog, captioning it “The belly tho. The belly.”