‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: Week 8 Power Of Veto Ceremony Results Are Revealed, Nominees For Eviction Are Set

Monty BrintonCBS

There has been a lot of drama playing out this summer on Big Brother 20 and spoilers tease that the chaos continues to shake things up in Week 8. The Power of Veto ceremony just took place and the nominees on the block for the next eviction are set. Will there be another blindside coming based on the latest BB20 teasers from the live feeds?

As the Inquisitr has detailed, Brett managed to win the Power of Veto in the competition that took place over the weekend. Since he was sitting on the block alongside Scottie, fans felt confident that he would take himself off of the block during Monday’s POV ceremony. Brett was told that he wasn’t the target this week, but it would have been a shocker if he had decided to take any chances on this front.

As @BB_Updates shared via Twitter, Brett did use the veto and took himself off the block as expected. As Head of Household, Faysal then needed to nominate someone to take Brett’s place, and he went with Kaycee. Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds indicated that Kaycee was aware she would likely be the nominee, and she wasn’t feeling terribly concerned about it.

After the POV ceremony, Haleigh approached Faysal about his decision to nominate Kaycee. Big Brother spoilers reveal that she thought he would nominate Sam, a possibility that had been under discussion, and these two are definitely starting to have some issues communicating and staying on the same page as one another.

There have been multiple blindsides come eviction night throughout Season 20, but Big Brother spoilers suggest that Week 8 might be different. Scottie seems certain to go, which is what Faysal is angling to see happen. What could be a bit of a blindside, though, is that Fessy doesn’t have to do any arm twisting to make it happen.

Even if Fessy wanted to see Kaycee gone over Scottie, there’s little to not chance he could make it happen this week. Of course, given Faysal’s history, he probably won’t piece any of this together.

Big Brother Network points out that Kaycee easily has the votes to stay over Scottie and this one is surely a done deal. She knew from talking to Faysal she would be going on the block, but she did lie and tell Scottie that she didn’t know. Tyler and Angela will be keeping Kaycee over Scottie, there is no doubt about that. In addition, JC expressed concerns to Tyler overnight about keeping Scottie around so he’ll surely stick with keeping Kaycee.

Sam has been something of a wildcard lately, even suggesting to Fessy that he nominate Haleigh. However, it would likely come as a shocker if Brett and Sam did anything but keep Kaycee over Scottie too.

How wild will things get between now and eviction night, now that it’s firm that Scottie and Kaycee are on the block? Some fans might expect that these next few days will be rather quiet due to the plans in place. On the other hand, one never knows when it comes to this show and there’s still the potential for things to get chaotic. Stay tuned for additional Big Brother 20 spoilers as Thursday’s vote draws near and the scheming for future battles intensifies.