Today is National Coming Out Day; SpinVox has tips on how to express it

Today is National Coming Out Day, commemorating the first march on Washington by the LBGT community in October 11, 1987. The march highlighted the struggles that lesbians, gays, and bisexuals are confronted up to this day.

This year, members of the LBGT community will not just take the streets to show their pride, but is also expected to take it to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social networks. SpinVox, a service that captures spoken words and feeds them out as a text content, offers the following five ways to express gay pride via social networking sites:

  • Add gay pride “Flair” to your Facebook page. A new SpinVox button is available through the Pieces of Flair application by searching for “SpinVox Coming Out.
  • Add Diana Ross’ “I’m Coming Out” to your MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, imeem, Hi5, iLike, and other social network pages.
  • Start or join a gay pride network online. Many niche gay and lesbian audiences still need forums to call their own.
  • Become a fan of Ellen, Liz Taylor, Liza Minnelli, Melissa Etheridge, Madonna, Bette Midler and Cher on your Facebook page.
  • Declare your support by promoting gay friendly sites to your blogroll.

“With SpinVox you can update your entire social network in your own voice while you’re celebrating National Coming Out Day,” said Christina Domecq, SpinVox co-founder and CEO. “Our mission is to help everyone speak freely and we support those who want to share how they feel ‘in the moment’ with their friends and family.”