Rihanna Stuns Fans With Completely Makeup Free Photo

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Rihanna is going all natural in a stunning new photo she shared with her millions of fans on her Instagram page. Per a report from Hollywood Life, the stunning singer went completely barefaced for a new selfie she recently posted online, showing off her glowing skin while posing for the camera.

Rihanna shared the stunning photo via her Instagram Stories account, where she could be seen with bare skin and just a little shine on her lips as she stared into the camera.

The “Rudy Boy” singer kept her hair long and down while showing off her makeunder.

The snap was also uploaded by The Shade Room, where several fans gushed over the singer’s gorgeous au naturel look in the comments section.

“Look at my gorgeous Ri,” one commenter wrote alongside an emoji with hearts for eyes. “Robyn come thru with the natural beautiful face,” they then added, referring to Rihanna by her birth name of Robyn.

“Rihanna is so naturally beautiful,” another fan wrote of the superstar in the Instagram comments section after seeing her barefaced selfie, adding that “she has gorgeous flawless skin and such incredibly beautiful eyes.”

“Her skin is flawless,” a third commented on the photo. “Amazing eyes, lips. She’s naturally gorgeous.”


Speaking to In Style last year, Rihanna admitted that she actually didn’t grow up wearing makeup when she was younger as her mom was pretty strict when it came to her daughter staying barefaced.

“Lipstick in Barbados? Not unless I was a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding,” the singer told the magazine of her upbringing. “My mom wasn’t flexible. I wore no makeup.”

“That’s where my obsession for cosmetics and perfume came from,” she then continued in the interview, revealing that her mom used to work behind a cosmetics counter at a department store, though she still wasn’t allowed to wear any makeup herself unless it was for a special occasion.

Rihanna wows fans with a completely makeup free photo
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But while she may not have been able to wear makeup when she was younger, the star now has her own makeup range in the form of Fenty Beauty and told the site that she decided to take on the role because makeup is now such a big part of her job as an entertainer.

“Beauty was a natural fit because makeup is such a huge part of my career and image,” she explained of her hugely popular line of cosmetics, noting that she’d wanted to do a makeup line for years “but it needed to be credible, something that industry pros and girls around the world would respect.”

She also opened up to the site about feeling confident before ditching the makeup in her recent selfie, confessing that it took her a few years to become confident enough to speak out after being very shy.

“I was very shy at one point,” she said, telling the outlet that she struggled when it came to being vocal and speaking out. “In the Barbadian culture, there’s this thing we say: ‘Speak when you’re spoken to.’ It’s polite not to blabber,” Rihanna continued, “It took me a couple of years to come out of my shell.”

Rihanna’s latest makeup-free photo comes shortly after Inquisitr reported that the star showed off her recent impressive weight loss in a red bikini while hanging out with a group of friends at the beach.