Lindsay Shookus Deletes Instagram After Ben Affleck Reportedly Went On Date With ‘Playboy’ Model

Eric JamisonAp Images

Is the Ben Affleck-Lindsay Shookus relationship over? There are signs which indicate that the answer is yes.

People Magazine reports that Shookus does not have an Instagram account any longer. The account was recently deleted and the timing seems like a reaction to reports that Ben Affleck went on a date with a Playboy model.

She could be trying to keep her personal life private by getting rid of her Instagram, ahead of increased speculation about the status of their relationship.

Shookus previously told Elle that she’s not entirely “comfortable” with being a public figure.

“My entire career has been behind the camera, and that’s definitely where I’m most comfortable,” she said. “I’m a producer, I’m a mom, a friend. Being considered a public figure honestly makes me laugh.”

An August 17 article from Page Six reports that Affleck went out with model Shauna Sexton, Playboy’s Miss May, on Thursday. Affleck and Sexton were reportedly seen at Nobu restaurant in Malibu together.

“If your boyfriend is seen with a Playboy model out in public at dinner, then I’d say Ben and Lindsay have been split for a while,” their source said.

According to Page Six, Shookus and Affleck have not been seen out with one another since July of this year. The Saturday Night Live producer did not participate in his birthday celebration with Jennifer Garner and their kids. He and Garner were married for 10 years. They broke up in 2015, but their divorce is not yet final.

E! Online reports that Affleck dressed down for the date with the Playboy model in dark jeans, a green T-shirt, and a blue jacket. Sexton, on the other hand, wore a nude colored figure-hugging dress. A source told E! that although Affleck feels that his relationship with Shookus has run its course, he’s not pleased that there are photos from his outing with Sexton.


Lindsay Shookus and Ben Affleck have been dating for approximately a year. E! notes there was speculation that she might move to the West Coast to live with Affleck. There were reports that they were looking at houses together. But it looks like those plans have been squashed.


Their romance had a clandestine beginning in April last year, sources say. The two became open about their relationship in July, 2017, when they were spotted going out on dates in London where Affleck was doing reshoots for the Justice League movie, Us Weekly reports. They were also photographed looking very cuddly at the U.S Open in September, 2017.

As of writing, there have been no reports that either Shookus or Affleck has publicly commented on the status of their relationship.