WWE ‘SummerSlam’ Results: Becky Lynch Shocks Fans, More Blood Is Spilled With AJ Styles Vs. Samoa Joe


SummerSlam is airing live on pay-per-view and the WWE Network. Thus far, WWE SummerSlam has done a great job with providing fans with plenty of action and a couple of surprises. As the Inquisitr reported, Terry Crews opened SummerSlam with a stunning introduction, Seth Rollins beat Dolph Ziggler to become a two-time WWE Intercontinental champion, and Braun Strowman swiftly squashed Kevin Owens.

The WWE had another surprise in store for their fans, as Becky Lynch seemingly turned heel. Lynch and Charlotte Flair challenged Carmella for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship in a triple threat match. Minus a couple of obviously choreographed spots in the beginning, the three WWE superstars put on a great match, and Carmella seemingly improves in every match she’s in. After the trio went back and forth a bit, a clever spot would occur that would foreshadow Lynch’s turn; Carmella slapped “The Lass Kicker” in the back of the head, and then the champion quickly played opossum, leaving Lynch to believe that it was Charlotte Flair who disrespectfully slapped her.

After that clever spot, all three WWE superstars went after each other equally, rather than the two faces focusing on the heel, which is the usual formula for these types of triple threat matches. The crowd was really into this one, and the trio of WWE superstars worked really well together. For the finish, “The Lass Kicker” had the champion locked in the dis-arm-her, but then Charlotte Flair hit Lynch with the natural selection to get the three-count and the championship.


After the contest, Becky Lynch hugged her fellow member of the WWE’s Four Horsewomen, and then quickly turned on her by hitting Flair with a sharp right hand. The Brooklyn crowd absolutely went nuts, and as expected by the aggressive audience, they chanted Lynch’s name as she pummeled her former friend. Whether or not this is a full heel-turn for Becky remains to be seen. Not long ago, Bayley seemingly turned heel on Sasha Banks, but then the WWE revealed that she simply needed anger management. Regardless, it looks like the dream rivalry between Lynch and Flair is on the way.


The SmackDown Women’s Championship match wasn’t the only title contest to thrill at WWE SummerSlam, as AJ Styles defended the WWE Championship against his longtime rival, Samoa Joe. These two athletes have had great matches for other promotions, including a series of contests in TNA, and it could be argued that their SummerSlam match was their best one yet. Both WWE superstars put on a clinic, and they delivered a series of moves as only Styles and Samoa could.


For the finish, as AJ was selling, Samoa Joe got on the microphone and addressed Styles’ wife. Outraged, “The Phenomenal One” speared Joe through the announce table, and most likely caused by a series of headbutts earlier delivered by Samoa Joe, AJ’s head was bleeding. Earlier in the night, Seth Rollins seemingly got color the hard way, and whether it was intentional or not, Styles was also bloodied. While the WWE likes their matches to be more family-friendly, this old-school contest felt more real with the added color.


After spearing Joe through the table, Styles then grabbed a chair and repeatedly hit Samoa Joe with it, causing a disqualification. A WWE Championship match ending in a disqualification is usually disappointing, but these two put on such a stellar match at SummerSlam that the crowd was still into it.

As the Inquisitr reported, Samoa Joe will face AJ Styles at Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship, and if that match is as good as their SummerSlam contest, then fans are in for a real treat.