‘Riverdale’ Season 3 Spoilers Include Another Musical Revealed

Mystery, romance, backstabbing, a big musical, and five new characters are all coming to 'Riverdale' Season 3.

Mystery, romance, backstabbing, a big musical, and five new characters are all coming to 'Riverdale' Season 3.

As fans of Riverdale know, Season 2 left off with a major cliffhanger, with Archie’s future left in doubt after being charged for a murder he didn’t commit. To get the ball moving in Season 3, the show is going to jump ahead in time three months so that the season will start with his trial instead of the mundane preparation for it. Penelope Ann Miller will join the cast as the D.A. looking to put Archie away. It is also worth noting that even though the Black Hood was caught at the end of Season 2, he is far from gone and will be back again sooner than fans might think.

That’s just a taste of what executive Producer Sara Schecter touched upon at the San Diego Comic-Con. In fact, it has seemed like a weekend of spoilers and teases as rumor and innuendo of what fans can expect from Season 3 of Riverdale have been coming in from all angles. Something Schecter has confirmed is that there will be another musical episode. After the Season 2 musical episode, fans and critics were so blown away by the musical talent displayed by the cast that not trying it again would have made for some angry fans.

Schecter has expressed her preference for what the musical will be to Express, but she was careful how she phrased it saying that she didn’t “think” it would be Mama Mia. That means, it is a possibility that they will still do some ABBA, and what a possibility that is.

“I’d love to see them do Mamma Mia. I don’t think that’s going to be it, so that’s not a spoiler. But anything where we can get them in some pantsuits and singing ABBA I wouldn’t mind.”

According to The Insider, there will be five new characters joining Riverdale in Season 3, although there is some mystery surrounding how a couple of them might fit in. Two of those new characters will be Jughead’s mother and sister. There will also be plenty of romance as Kevin and Moose are most definitely dating, although it is going to be tricky keeping it on the DL since Moose is still in the closet. There might even be a wedding between a certain ex-mayor and ex-sheriff according to showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

For something really different, there will be a flashback episode in which the teens play the roles of their parents in high school. Aguirre-Sacasa is going old-school with it, giving it a very heavy Breakfast Club vibe, but wouldn’t disclose more than that. Of course Mark Consuelos’ son with the gorgeous Kelly Ripa, Michael, will be appearing to play the young version of his father.

A few other things to watch for include someone trying to break up Archie and Veronica, a feud between Josie and Toni, a love interest for Reggie, and Evelyn Evernever will be joining the story with her dad, Edgar, who is a new age health guru. There’s also going to be a fair amount of time spent seeing what is going on at the farm Polly lives on.

Romance, crime, mystery, backstabbing, and some serious singing will all be a part of Riverdale Season 3, and the fan buzz for it is already off the charts. As a final bonus, AltPress reported that Skeet Ulrich said FP is still married as far as he knows, and The Serpents are going to be the center of some heavy mystery. It looks like Season 3 will be another tough one for FP and Jughead.