Groom updates Facebook marital status during vows

You laugh now, but perhaps one day your kids will be doing it (or whatever version of “it” is popular when they’re 16 and on the business end of a shotgun.)

Via Mashable comes the video below in which Twitterer Dana Hanna (@TheSoftwareJedi) pauses the ceremony to tweet an update and change his Facebook status, thereby scooping the teenage priest in the background. (Okay, rude: the priest-shape’s one big deal line is pronouncing these two eejits husband and wife, but already people they worked with, Facebook knitting circles, and everyone in the Sons of Anarchy fan group knows. Can a priest be cockblocked?)

twitter wedding

(Note: @TracyPage is a non-existant account.)

Tacky or sign of the times? Is social media etiquette clashing with Emily Post etiquette here? Watch the video below and tell me what you think- “rude” or “totally cute, I’m doing that.”