Hilaria Baldwin Shows Off Post-Pregnancy Body In A Video Of Her Workout Routine

Hilaria Baldwin hasn’t let raising four kids, including new baby Romeo, slow down her commitment to fitness. She showed off her fit, post-pregnancy body in a short workout video today on Instagram.

The video, accompanied by light-hearted music. shows Baldwin doing crunches. She’s wearing a clingy white tank top with spaghetti straps and black workout pants. Her hair is pulled back in a messy bun.

Two of her kids also feature in the video. Her daughter Carmen is in the foreground, while son Leonardo is crawling around behind Baldwin. He’s also keeping busy, pushing a toy car and exploring.

Baldwin shows exactly how she’s keeping slim by showing a short workout routine in the middle of her day. She posted the specifics in her Instagram caption.

“Butt, hamstrings and core!!” she wrote. “Flex feet in a wide stance and press into heels to lift butt up…combine with a crunch and you have a super efficient workout!! 3 sets of 10.”

She finished her workout tip with a heart emoji and the hashtag #wegotthis2018.

Baldwin had her son Romeo in May. In an interview with Us Weekly, she shared how she got back her post-pregnancy body back in shape so quickly.

“Number one, I am somebody who is in shape before I get pregnant,” she said. “I get bigger when I’m pregnant but I stay in pregnant shape and I work really hard to be really strong and keep my circulation going.”

She also discussed the importance of working out in moderation.

In regards to activities like jogging and yoga, Baldwin said, “It’s not every day and it’s not for hours and hours a day.”

The fitness expert is known for posting short workout videos on Instagram. She aims to keep them 10 minutes or less, since moms often can’t disappear for long periods of time to work out.

In a Today appearance last month that was quoted in People, Baldwin discussed whether she would be going for baby number five.

“I think it’s possible,” she said. “Alec thinks it’s very possible. He comes from a big family.”

In an interview with People, Baldwin revealed that Romeo was her first planned baby.

“I’ve had so many because I really like them and we have such fun times,” she said. “I’m going to have four kids in a little over four years, and it’s just one of those things where I’m going to let life lead me in that direction.”

Hilaria Balwin has been married to Alec Baldwin since 2012. Baldwin is the author of The Living Clearly Method, which has fitness tips and yoga routines for people on the go.

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