'Queer Eye' Star Jonathan Van Ness Rocks Thigh-Boots And Short Shorts In Instagram Pic

Melinda Sineriz

Jonathan Van Ness, Queer Eye's resident grooming expert, shows off his personal style in his latest Instagram pic.

In the pic, Van Ness is sitting on a fallen log. He's wearing gray thigh-high boots with heels and matching gray short shorts. He's wearing a long-sleeved red T-shirt. His hair is parted neatly in the middle and these days he's sporting a full beard, perfectly trimmed, of course.

Van Ness refers to his challenges of the day in the accompanying caption.

"Should I cover the psoriasis flare that is back so hardcore from abundant humidity & a political climate that is stressful AF," he wrote, "Or rock a thing [sic] high w a short short and werq through it. That, I'll do that."

His fans clearly agree with his decision, with the pic gaining over 200,000 likes in three hours.

"YAAAAS BOOTS!!!!" gushed one commenter.

"Slay you look amazing!!" posted another fan.

This isn't the first time Van Ness has posted about his psoriasis. On March 7, the star posted an unretouched photo of himself on Instagram with the caption "Gorge, I left my psoriasis & my body unretouched, why should I dim my shine henny?"

According to the Mayo Clinic, psoriasis is a common skin condition with symptoms that vary from person to person. Some frequent symptoms include scaly, red patches of skin, dry skin, itchiness, burning, and soreness. No one is sure what causes psoriasis, and there is no cure for it. Symptoms can be managed with medicated creams, moisturizing, and avoiding triggering conditions when possible.

"I was on all these antibiotics for months and not feeling great," he explained.

He also discussed how he is coping with his psoriasis.

"I do feel like I'm in a place of acceptance with it now," he said. "Like it doesn't really bother me even if I do have a flare-up, but it took me a minute to get there."

Jonathan Van Ness is also the star of the Emmy-nominated web series, Gay of Thrones, and he hosts the podcast, Getting Curious. According to Vice, Getting Curious has become the number one program on the iTunes podcast chart. He's hosted guests ranging from his mother to professional figure skaters to addiction experts in his quest to explore various issues. New episodes appear biweekly.