August 15, 2018
'It Follows' Director Set To Make New Horror Movie 'They Hear It'

Writer and director David Robert Mitchell brought fans a new type of horror movie in 2014. It Follows proved to be a film that split horror audiences straight down the middle. Those who saw Mitchell's creation either seemed to love the film or hate it; there was no gray area. Other films such as The Babadook and The Witch seemed to also cast this same effect on viewers and horror fans. All three features verged on the surreal, being open to interpretation. The buzz surrounding It Follows thrust David Robert Mitchell into prominence, leaving those who enjoyed his work to wonder what he would bring to the table next. Movie Web reports that Mitchell is currently penning a feature film script for a new horror flick, titled They Hear It.

They Hear It will not be Mitchell's first movie to hit the big screen since It Follow; in in fact, he has written and directed a crime drama called Under the Silver Lake, which is slated to receive a limited theatrical release this December. For They Hear It, the director will go back to scaring his fans, at least in the writing room. Mitchell is not set to direct They Hear It, reports say. The movie is happening under Legendary Entertainment and The Picture Company, and is based on a short by the same name. Julian Terry was the writer and director for the original short film, and he will helm the feature length creation. This will be 28-year-old Terry's first foray into big screen films, although he has created a few short films such as They Hear It and another one called Whisper.

Short filmmakers are popping up to direct full-length features far more frequently. Hollywood seems to consider a short to be proof of a larger project concept, as was seen with David F. Sandberg's Lights Out. The short of Lights Out was viewed over 30 million times on YouTube before a major studio picked it up. As for Sandberg, he has gone on to create other films such as Annabelle: Creation and an upcoming movie, Shazam! This stands as an example of what can happen for short film directors, especially in the field of horror, which bodes well for Julian Terry should They Hear It strike a cord among the horror movie community. Time will tell.

Thus far, there is not a synopsis out for They Hear It and the original short film has been removed from YouTube. The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive on what is known as of now. Reports are that They Hear It revolves around a "sound" that will serves as a harbinger for terror. Word is out that They Hear It is also inspired by such classics as Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds and Stephen King's It.