‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Cast Talks About That Jamaica Brawl On Social Media

Fans of Black Ink Crew: Chicago might have wondered if they were watching a reality show or a cage fighting brawl when last Wednesday’s episode aired. Now that things have calmed down a bit, VH1 asked the cast members for their opinions on that infamous night in Jamaica when 9Mag and Loyal Ink met up and turned all hell loose.

Charmaine live-tweeted during the episode, wondering why Junior trash talks Loyal Ink so much. Junior seemed to take it in stride, though, talking on Instagram about how he and his girlfriend, Adriana, are living their best lives. And if you were wondering, he did not take a swing at any woman during the brawl. They might be living their best lives, but he didn’t hesitate to say it was Adriana that attacked Reese, not him. And if anyone has doubts, he provided a slow motion clip on his Insta account.

This post led to a little more Twitter drama between Junior and Charmaine. But as far as Adriana’s concerned, she has no regrets standing up for her man.

Lily, however, brought up the issue many viewers might have been wondering about when the episode aired. Could there be more to the story than they showed on TV? According to her, there definitely was, and Junior’s side of the story is sketchy. Even so, Reese has come out and admitted it was wrong to get physical with Adriana. The violence in Jamaica shocked her, and according to her post on Instagram she’s trying to reclaim her peaceful place.

“I do not condone my actions and honestly, when I watch myself, I don’t like what I see,” she confessed. “I should never have grabbed his girlfriend, even if I thought it was in defense of a friend.”

Her long Instagram post also takes aim at Junior for putting his hands on a woman, something she says a man should never do. She took a moment to speak to him directly, reminding him that he was removed for hitting a female, not for any other reason.

The rest of the cast seemed to take a humorous approach to the matter. Ryan replied with a sub, and Phor posted a gif stating that he thought the matter was none of his business. Cobra, on the other hand, went for a killer shot of brand new yellow sneakers.

Tonight’s episode will not be one to miss, especially with the official Twitter for the show hinting that we haven’t seen anything yet.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago airs tonight, August 15, on VH1 at 8/7c.

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