‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Chris Randone Gets Defensive On Social Media After Drama Related To Tia & Krystal

Craig SjodinABC

Bachelor in Paradise viewers saw some buzzworthy scenes with contestant Chris Randone during Tuesday night’s show. Many were curious to see what, if anything, he would say about all of Tuesday’s drama via his social media pages, and he definitely had some thoughts to share. What did he say?

As fans saw Tuesday night, Chris Randone spent some time talking with Tia Booth, indicating that he was seemingly “all-in” for pursuing a relationship with her. In addition, he blasted Colton Underwood for supposedly playing her.

Within the same episode, however, Randone ended up smooching Krystal Nielson and sharing the news with some of his fellow BIP cast members. Tia quickly heard about this from Colton and there’s a confrontation ahead with the next episode.

TV Guide shares one Instagram post that Chris put up, but then deleted, related to all of this. The outlet shared a screenshot of a photo and caption that Randone posted sometime Tuesday afternoon. In the post, Randone shared his insight into Tia and Colton’s relationship. Interestingly, both Colton and Tia commented on that post before it was deleted.

“Sitting here before tonight’s episode thinking, Tia and Colton’s relationship reminds me of a phone with no service. When there’s no service, you play games. For me, tonight I decide if I want to stay on this wireless bill with potential penalties and fees or transfer to a better plan that suits me long term. What should I do?”

Underwood’s comment noted that he’s AT&T and Randone is basically Cricket Wireless, while Booth found it somewhat interesting that Chris felt he was deciding in that situation. Chris may have realized that the post struck a sour note with followers, but his subsequent social media posts didn’t necessarily sound any better.

Chris’ most recent Instagram post says that he’s “doing me” and he added the hashtags “#KeepHating,” “#MoveFoward,” and “#icanthearyou.” On Twitter, before Tuesday night’s Bachelor in Paradise episode had even aired, Randone posted about how keyboard warriors would never hurt him.

Wednesday morning, he noted that he was headed to surprise his mom with a visit. Chris’ tweet said that family was everything and he was seemingly feeling the need to get away from social media and close to his loved ones for a bit.

Tia shared some posts on social media related to Tuesday’s episode as well, and it looks like a lot of Bachelor in Paradise fans felt her pain. For example, many were offended by the clip during Tuesday’s show where Jordan Kimball and Chris were likening each of the different ladies to different meal courses. However, the situation with Tia and Krystal struck a nerve, too.

As Booth tweeted, it wasn’t the fact that Randone made out with Nielson that bothered her. Rather, it was the fact he’d whispered so many sweet nothings to her a matter of hours before kissing Krystal that was the problem in her mind.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that things will get even more intense between Chris and Tia during the Week 3 episodes. Despite facing some difficult questions from Tia as his time in Mexico continues, the buzz is that he’ll continue to spend time with Krystal Nielson and that romance will really take off.

Did Chris Randone cross a line in how he handled the situation with Tia Booth? Season 5 is already off to a crazy start and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers suggest that there’s a lot of drama ahead that fans won’t want to miss.