‘Catfish’ Preview: Derek And Annabelle

Catfish: The TV Show airs a new episode tonight, and as Monsters & Critics reports, it’s shaping up to be an interesting case for Nev Schulman and his wife, Laura Perlongo. The couple will try to help a young man by the name of Derek who wants to know if Annabelle is indeed the person he thinks he’s talking to online. Red flags are thrown immediately when the case kicks off with an anonymous email from someone concerned that Derek is wasting his time. But Derek himself is surprised to find that someone has reached out on his behalf.

He tells Schulman and Perlongo that he met Annabelle when his friends convinced him during a night out to install the SnapChat app on his phone. He claims to have deleted the app later. Annabelle found him on Facebook after several days, and Derek found himself falling for her. Or who she claimed to be online.

Of course, Catfish fans know that anonymous sources are a huge warning sign. Could it be someone truly interested in protecting Derek’s heart or is it Annabelle herself, wanting to come clean about her true identity? Another issue is that the would-be couple has yet to meet despite living close to each other. And when you add in that Annabelle has refused to talk to Derek on the phone, you get a pretty solid hunch that things are not what they seem.

Now the question that Schulman and Perlongo face is finding out just who is Annabelle. Could it be a friend who is concerned and trying to push Derek into moving along after a failed relationship? Could it be the ex-girlfriend wanting to talk to him but not wanting to do it as herself? That possibility opens up a chance the catfishing could be revenge motivated. Or perhaps a mild form of stalking from a girlfriend who isn’t ready to let totally go. And maybe it’s just a stranger who fell into a good opportunity and decided to have a little fun at Derek’s expense. The preview suggests that he recognizes the person who shows up at the end, but reactions alone can be deceiving.

No matter what Annabelle’s true identity is, Schulman and Perlongo will likely get to the bottom of it and give fans of the show a viewing treat.

Catfish airs tonight, August 15, at 9/8c on MTV.

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