‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kristina Returns, Ava Blasts Kiki, And Griffin Faces Consequences At Work

Paul A. HebertInvision / AP Images

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode suggest that the fallout from Griffin’s revelation in court is going to send shockwaves throughout Port Charles. Ava quickly made it clear that she would ensure that he suffered for having slept with Kiki and she wasted no time in guaranteeing that his professional life was impacted. Where are things headed during the August 15 show?

The latest sneak peek shared by the show via Twitter shows that Monica will be having a sit down chat with Griffin. Unfortunately for Griffin, General Hospital spoilers reveal that he will be suspended for now. She Knows Soaps details that he will be stunned by this development, and this certainly creates a difficult situation for him.

Ava will be sure to express her anger to Kiki as well. She’ll confront her daughter, screaming that she wanted to know what it was like, seemingly demanding details about the tryst the two had. Kiki looks relatively calm in the preview for Wednesday’s show, but chances are good she’ll get emotional as this plays out.

Kristina is popping up in Port Charles again and she’ll spend time with both Alexis and Sonny in this episode. Sonny will talk about how much the family needs her right now, and Kristina will get updates from Alexis about Kiki’s case and everything else that’s been happening.

General Hospital spoilers have suggested that actress Lexi Ainsworth will be back for a while now as Kristina, but what about Ashley Jones’ character of Parker? At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any sign of Jones returning to her role of Parker.

The door had been left open for the character to be brought back, with Kristina and Parker leaving Port Charles together last winter. Ashley is heading back to The Bold and the Beautiful to reprise the role of Bridget, but that doesn’t necessarily sound like it’ll be a long-term run so it would seem that Jones is likely available. Will Kristina have news about a split to share or will the “Pristina” romance still be in place?

Cameron got busted for shoplifting, and he slipped and left his mom Elizabeth wondering if someone else had been shoplifting with him. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly and Liz will have a chat during Wednesday’s show, and Carly will ask if Joss had been stealing too.

Viewers will see Franco furious over something during the August 15 episode and Alexis will be feeling cautious. Sam will be asked to do a favor, and it seems likely this will involved Jason and Robert’s search for Anna. In addition, Kim will talk with Julian about how she was trying to keep him from breaking a promise. General Hospital spoilers note that there’s a lot more action on the way this week over the next few episodes and fans won’t want to miss any of the chaos ahead.