Tom Cruise Reportedly Trying To Win His Way Back Into Suri’s Life With Concert Tickets And Clothes Per ‘Radar’

Tom Cruise is hoping to win back his daughter Suri after years of separation.

While the actor seemed to be an amazing father to his daughter during the very beginning of her life, posing with the tot on magazine covers and appearing to be a super dad, his relationship with her has become estranged — much like his relationship with ex-wife, Katie Holmes. In fact, the last time that Cruise was photographed with his daughter was in 2013, according to Radar Online.

But now, the actor reportedly wants to be back in Suri’s good graces, according to an insider.

“The word is that Tom is making an effort to be a part of Suri’s life again. He’s been planning this for a long time — surprising Suri with gifts and sending her concert tickets and clothes.”

“Tom knows that he hasn’t been around a lot. He’s hoping all this will win Suri over — and it seems to be working,” the insider continued.

Following his divorce from Katie Holmes, it was determined that Tom would be able to spend at least 10 days a month with his daughter, giving Holmes primary custody of the now 12-year-old.

Tom has allegedly turned his back on his daughter over the past few years and hasn’t really seen her at all. However, Tom recently realized how much of his daughter’s life that he already missed out on. Now he wants desperately to spend time with Suri.

“Even though Tom and Suri have been apart for a long time, he’s always cared about her,. And after such a great reaction to his latest ‘Mission: Impossible’ film, Tom is ready to get back into the spotlight — and also be a dad to Suri.”

But, there’s one thing that could throw a wrench in Cruise’s potential reunion plans — his ex-wife. According to the source, the former Dawson’s Creek star is shocked that Cruise is just now trying to pry his way back into Suri’s life. The source says that Katie will use every legal tool in her arsenal to prevent Tom from rebuilding his relationship with Suri. It helps that her father is a highly touted divorce lawyer.

But, if the courts have already let Tom back into Suri’s life, Katie may have a bit of trouble intervening.

“If Tom has already been granted that access to Suri, Katie is going to have a hard time blocking him from seeing her. The courts won’t want to keep Suri from her dad without an extremely good reason,” the insider dished.

The source also alleges that Holmes wouldn’t mind Suri having a relationship with her father if it wasn’t for him belonging to the Church of Scientology, one of the main reasons that Katie filed for divorce from Tom in the first place. She wants to make sure that if Tom and Suri do begin to spend more time together, Suri doesn’t get roped into joining Scientology.

“If Katie suspects that’s the case, she’ll do everything she can to stop it from happening.”

Tom’s two other adopted children with Nicole Kidman, Isabella and Connor, are also members of the Church of Scientology.

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