Meghan Markle’s Dad Accused Of Fabricating Drama As Friend Says He Can Reach Out To The Duchess Anytime

Chris JacksonGetty Images

In the months since the royal wedding, people around the world have watched in amazement as Meghan’s family broke protocol, gave paid interviews, and bashed the Duchess. In particular, Markle’s dad Thomas has been causing quite the commotion, making bold statements saying he won’t stop speaking to the press until Meghan speaks to him again.

However, one of Meghan’s friends have spoken out and pointed out what should be obvious to Thomas. He does have a way of contacting his daughter, and it’s not as difficult as he’s making it out to be. The friend told the Daily Mail the following.

“If Thomas truly wanted to speak with Meghan, he could easily have sent a letter to her mother and asked her to pass it along… Unfortunately that wouldn’t sell papers or fit into his fabricated and salacious narrative.”

And indeed, that could be a great solution for Thomas. After all, Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mom, is on good terms with the royal family. In addition to attending the royal wedding, Doria is reportedly planning to move to the U.K. to be closer to her daughter. The friend blasted the dad for his past words and actions against the Duchess.

“Despite Thomas’s claim that he has no way to reach Meghan, he knows that her mother Doria is in touch with her and Thomas knows how to reach Doria.”

The entire situation has been escalating for some time, with Thomas giving interview after interview to media outlets. He even wrote an article that was published by the Mail which detailed all of the myths and facts surrounding the media’s portrayal of his character and life.

The friend also added that “The only reason Meghan hasn’t spoken to her father yet is because she’s yet to hear from him in a respectful manner… Thomas is speaking to the press more than he’s reached out and spoken to his own daughter.”

While all of Thomas’ complaints and tirades against the royal family have been very public, only a select few actually know what the dad has done to get in touch with his daughter outside of giving interviews.

Many people wonder what the dad’s true objectives are, with some speculating that the royals ought to pay him off for his silence. On the other hand, Thomas has given some paid and unpaid interviews, so it’s difficult to know if his intention is to make money.

Meanwhile, half-sister Samantha Markle is planning her debut on UK’s Big Brother, while half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. continues to bash his royal sister.