‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Weekly Preview Teases Romance, Revenge, Confrontations, & ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Returns

Toby CanhamGetty Images

The action in Port Charles has been red hot lately and a new sneak peek teases General Hospital spoilers hinting at more chaos on the way. Ava knows about Griffin and Kiki’s one-night stand and she’s intent on getting revenge, and there’s another battle on the way between Sonny and Julian. Romantic sparks are flying for Julian and Kim, as well as for Anna and Finn as they’re being held captive, and the show is hinting at surprising returns that are coming soon.

The new sneak peek was shared via Twitter and there’s a lot packed into this short clip. General Hospital spoilers from the preview suggest that Ava will return to wicked ways as she reels from learning that her boyfriend slept with her daughter. Griffin tried to smooth things over with her, but she wasn’t interested, and he’s surely right to feel unsettled at the moment.

GH fans have been somewhat hard to win over with the pairings of both Julian with Kim as well as Finn with Anna. However, for better or worse, General Hospital spoilers hint that both couples will remain together for now. Finn and Anna are facing a difficult situation with their mystery captors and their insistence that he help Cassandra, and Robert is scrambling to track them down. It looks like this situation will lead to Finn and Anna’s relationship growing even stronger, but shockers might be coming.

The show is circling back to the ongoing tension between Julian and Sonny, as General Hospital spoilers note that they’ll be butting heads again this week. The preview says that the two enemies will collide, and Sonny and Julian are seen battling as Julian asks what Sonny’s problem is. Chances seem good that this will be picking up the issue of the dead body hidden at Charlie’s Pub, but when it comes to these two men, there are plenty of reasons why they might be attacking one another.

The clip also reveals that there will be two jaw-dropping returns and fans are anxious to see whether the reveal can live up to the hype. Obviously, Jessica Tuck is returning as Cassandra, and that wouldn’t come as a particularly stunning return now that the show has already teased it. Kristina will be back in town, which the show gave away in its preview for Wednesday, and the Inquisitr has previously revealed that both Laura and Madeleine will be popping up again soon too.

There are some General Hospital spoilers out there that hint at something big on the horizon and some think it could be related to Lucas and Brad’s baby. Soap Hub notes that during Friday’s show, Alexis gets awful news and on Monday, both Lucas and Brad will be reaching out to people for support.

Fans have speculated that the original baby’s birth mom could pop up and want to disrupt the adoption placement. Given the baby swap, if that were to happen, it would create a lot of chaos. Things would be all the more chaotic if the woman involved were a familiar face as some have theorized.

How far will Ava go to get revenge for Griffin sleeping with Kiki? Who are the supposedly jaw-dropping character returns that are on the way? Additional General Hospital spoilers should emerge as the week continues and it sounds like things are about to get really juicy.