Reese Witherspoon’s Post About Kiki Gets Hilarious Responses From Other Celebs

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In the wake of the “Kiki Challenge,” Reese Witherspoon channeled hilarious responses from other celebrities when she posted about the Kiki on Instagram, Sunday evening.

The photo was a repost from The Rose Pepper Cantina, who showcases their funny thoughts on a board outside their restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee. This time it read something so relevant to the actress, she could not help but share, titling the post “The struggle is real.”

“I’m 2 old 2 wonder if Kiki loves me,” the sign read. “I’m still trying to find out if Annie’s ok.”

The struggle is real… ???? (#Regram @therosepepper)

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With over 500,000 likes and thousands of comments, the post went viral soon after sharing as fans and celebs laughed over the image.

Witherspoon sharing the image gives credit to one of Michael Jackson’s signature songs “Smooth Criminal,” which debuted in October 1988 from his seventh studio album Bad. The song peaked at No. 7 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 list.

Drake’s latest single “In My Feelings” from his new album inspired the Kiki Challenge. Instagram comedian Shiggy generated the challenge by dancing in the middle of a road to the song and interpreting the lyrics “are you riding” by pretending to steer a car and a love heart with his hands as Drake sings “Kiki, do you love me.”

The rapper eventually met Shiggy in person and thanked him in an Instagram post for helping the song climb to No. 1 so quickly.

Teenagers and celebrities alike are embracing the challenge, stepping out of moving cars to dance to the hit song, Will Smith even dancing to “In My Feelings” on a bridge.

The meme is a play on the Kiki challenge and “Smooth Criminal’s” lyrics, which left fans wondering if Annie was okay after attacked violently in her apartment, according to Jackson’s hit song.

“So she ran into the bedroom/She was struck down/It was her doom/Annie, are you okay, you okay, you okay, Annie?”

Many celebs agreed with the post, still wondering if Annie is okay with hilarious comments on the Instagram photo, including LeBron James.

“Like seriously is she okay though?!” James wondered following his post with questioning faces and laughing-crying emojis.

Octavia Spencer’s response rendered 1,500 likes from fans as she wrote, “I. Just. Fainted. OMG,” followed by the same emoji James used.

Halle Berry commented “DECEASED” with more laughing crying faces.

These celebs’ comments helped The Rose Pepper to not only gain followers but many new fans.