Dennis Shields' Wife Jill Says They Were 'Best Friends' Before He Died Despite Bethenny Frankel Romance

Dennis Shields' estranged wife Jill took to her Instagram page over the weekend and shared a sweet photo of the late banker and their family.

In her post, Jill made it clear that she and Dennis were quite close to one another despite his relationship with The Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel. She even called Dennis the love of her life as she reflected on their 26-year marriage and the years that followed.

"To the love of my life- Dennis-I will miss you every day. Forever your legacy will live on in our children and our future grandchildren. Your intelligence, humor and of course your good looks will forever be engrained in our family!" Jill wrote.

According to Jill, she and Dennis were best friends even after they began living separately.

"You still remained my best friend and my husband," she proclaimed.

Jill went on to say that while their situation may not have been one that many understood, it worked for them and they spoke to one another each and every day. In closing, Jill told her Instagram followers that she will miss her dear husband and hopes he is somewhere in heaven running around playing basketball and tennis without pain.

Although the details surrounding Dennis' death remain unconfirmed, he is suspected to have died as a result of an Oxycodone overdose. As some may know, Dennis struggled with back pain and may have been using the drug to cope with his body issues.

TMZ reported news of Dennis Shields' death at the end of last week, claiming the on-again, off-again boyfriend of Bethenny Frankel was binge-drinking on Thursday night after realizing that the alcohol wasn't mixing well with his medication.

According to the report, Dennis was found dead on Friday morning at his apartment in Trump Tower in New York City and when police arrived to the scene, it was reported that he had taken an unknown amount of his Oxycodone medication. The outlet also said that Dennis had woken up on Friday morning feeling quite sick and asked his housekeeper to go to the pharmacy and buy Narcan, which reverses the effects of an overdose.

After making his request, Dennis reportedly became unconscious and after realizing he wasn't alert, a maid called 911. The maid also attempted to revive him with the Narcan but it was too late and he died at the age of 51.