Meghan Markle’s Family Fallout Could Have Been Avoided, Say Royal Aides Per ‘Daily Star’

Rui VieiraAP Images

Meghan Markle’s family fallout has been happening in the past months in a painful public display, aided by her dad Thomas’ willingness to give interviews as much as possible. While royal fans disagree on who is to blame for the whole fiasco, the Daily Star revealed that some royal aides believe some of the fault can be traced back to the royal family.

First of all, an aide said that the way that the royals handled Thomas’ fall from grace with the photo scandal was “inept.”

“The perception is that he was treated very much as an afterthought…. No one went to visit him when the answer would have been to have someone fly out from London and explain to him how things were going to happen.”

And indeed, Thomas even accused the family of not properly inviting him to the wedding. But it’s not to say that nobody paid any attention to Thomas as the photo scandal took off. In fact, Prince Harry called him to ask questions and touch base with him about how he should conduct himself with the media. It turns out that Thomas initially lied to Harry about staging the photos, but the truth became known days later.

The same aide suggested that “the Palace should have invited the whole Markle family, as even if they hadn’t all come, it would have reduced the fallout from disgruntled relatives.” The whole Markle family would have included Thomas, Samantha Markle (who was then going by Samantha Grant), and Thomas Markle Jr. It’s hard to know, but the aide could be right — if the family members were at least invited, and possibly attended the wedding, perhaps they wouldn’t be so vocal now about how horrible the Duchess is.

Another royal aide made an ominous comment, saying that it’s “probably too late” to get Thomas back on board with the royals. They added that Meghan could show up “on her father’s doorstep — and even that might not work now.”

But what’s done is done, and the royal family has kept mum on all of the drama. That hasn’t discouraged any of the Markles from making a scene, however. Meghan’s half-siblings have fired off some fresh insults recently, with Samantha making a jab at the Duchess for being a “deceitful fake humanitarian” according to the Inquisitr.

And as Thomas continues to work closely with media outlets to voice his opinions and complaints, there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight to this family debacle.