Andy Murray Takes Thrill Ride On Roller Coaster With Nick Kyrgios Ahead Of Cincinnati Open

Tennis stars Andy Murray and Nick Kyrgios have become quite chummy lately. They have been hanging out together, even beyond the tennis court. Their most recent adventure took place at Kings Island Amusement Park in Mason, Ohio. They are in the area to play in the 2018 Western & Southern Open, also known as the Cincinnati Open, that begins on Monday.

The duo hopped on a roller coaster on Friday for a wild ride. According to a video that Murray posted on Instagram, they enjoyed every minute of it, despite all of the screaming.

The Brit was hilariously yelling and hollering as he was whipped about. He sat beside Kyrgios as they endured the bumpy ride that was captured on video. The Australian seemed to be amused by the whole thing. He didn't seem to be quite as freaked out as his fellow tennis player was.

Kyrgios made a comment on social media about Andy's reaction to the roller coaster ride saying, "I guess Muzz isn't as great as we thought in high pressure situations."

As they were turned upside down, they both got giggling for the camera. They twosome also played a few games at the park with Nick winning a stuffed taco and a bright pink sloth. They were seen carrying the prizes around and not ashamed either.

Unfortunately, this video may have caused some friction because Murray sent out a message on Instagram on Sunday referring to the video. Apparently, someone told him that King's Island wants him to take the clip down as it is illegal to film while riding the roller coaster. The three-time Grand Slam winner clapped back with his own message. He wrote, "Assault rifles, phones on roller coasters, sounds logical." The assault rifles had a thumbs up, while the phones on coasters had a thumbs down symbol. In other words, he doesn't think it all makes any sense.

Murray and Kyrgios aren't the only ones who love a good thrill ride. Serena Williams and her husband, Alexis Ohanian, also filmed themselves enjoying a roller coaster ride. This one only showed the beginning and the end, but she still had her phone in hand filming as they took off on their first dip.

It looks like tennis players just want to have fun, and they sure did. Now comes the serious business of slamming their way to the finals at the Western & Southern Open. This tournament runs through August 19. This is the prelude to the US Open, the last of the Grand Slams of 2018.

Andy Murray is attempting to climb up the rankings since he had surgery on his hip. He is currently ranked No. 375 in the world.